Twilight Party Invitations

Twilight Party Invitations are easy to make yourself.

You can use the font Carmilla if you want your invitations to be in Edward's handwriting. You remember the note he left Bella in Twilight...Be Safe...that's what the printing will look like on your invites when you download this script from

Here are some Twilight party supplies for you. Just in time for all those Twilight Halloween party ideas...and the New Moon release parties!

If you want your Twilight party invitations printed in a font used by other characters in Twilight here are the names of the fonts I have found.

  • Carmilla is the font name of Edward Cullen's handwriting
  • Pablo is the font name of Bella Swan's handwriting
  • Almagro is the font name of Jacob Black's handwriting
  • JoeHand is the font name of Alice Cullen's handwriting
  • Zephyr is found on the cover of the Twilight books

You might want to choose a good weight paper, one that looks antique to fit in with the fact that Edward was born in 1901. When you decide on your Twilight Party's main it Vampires, Romance, Fast Cars, or the Twilight Saga book covers, you can then think about how you want to word your invitations.

To make homemade invitations all you have to do is print your design onto the paper from your computer. You can use pictures and clip art to do this. You can also type in the wording and party information so you can print it all right onto your paper.

Two Styles of Homemade Twilight Party Invitations

1. I usually use half a sheet of paper for each invite. You just cut each page in half and then fold each in half.

You can use a pen tip or a hole punch to make a hole in the top left hand corner of the invitations and tie a thin red satin ribbon through it to make it look pretty and tie it into a gentle bow.

2. You can also use 1/3 of a sheet of paper, fold the paper so there are two top sheets and 1 bottom. (Take the paper from both sides and fold them in until they overlap each other in the middle.) You can take your hole punch and punch a hole through the top two flaps near the center of each edge. Wrap a thin red satin ribbon around the entire invitation, letting it meet at the holes in the middle of the front of the card. Tie in a graceful bow, and you've got a beautiful invitation.

For these Twilight Party invitations I would use a sturdy black paper. I would type my party information on a white or pink sheet of paper, cut it to fit inside the card and glue it onto the inside of the invitation. Then I would continue to seal the invitation with the ribbon.

A Little Rant About Edward and The Carmilla Font

I love the Carmilla and the Zephyr fact, I'm dazzled by them. LOL...I am dazzled by Edward and anything he does seems perfect right down to his beautiful handwriting. Okay, you must realize I'm on Team Edward.

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