Twilight Party Ideas...Jenna's Sweet 16 Party Twilight Style

by Sue
(North Carolina)

Sweet Sixteen Twilight Party Ideas...If you haven't read the Twilight Saga you won't understand why this is a great party theme. If you have read the books then you most likely fall into one of three groups. 1. You are an Obsessed Twilight fan. 2. You really hate Twilight or 3. You are one of those people who still doesn't get it. Number three is most difficult for fans of the saga to understand! How can you not love a book series that tell of a vampire/human romance? My guess is that you are number 1!

My daughter, Jenna, is turning 16 in June and I was looking for a great party theme and it hit me...Twilight of's all you've heard in my house in what seems like forever. I know more about the books than most of our neighborhood kids do...because it's all she talks about. Of course, Twilight is the coolest birthday party theme for tweens and teens and will probably be for awhile.

You can find plenty of help online when it comes to Twilight party information. Look at Party Ideas Parade to find out where you can get the perfect paper to make your own party invites. It's easy if you have a printer. You can shop for some card stock paper, pick a pattern (I found one called Clair de's perfect for the Twilight theme!) and there's even a great site that has all the Twilight character handwriting scripts. How's that for authentic looking party invitations!

Black and red...along with some white or silver...ask any Twihard and they will tell you the same, these are the ideal colors for your decorations. The book covers are so very dramatic, use them for some party decorating inspiration. Some chess pieces, a red and white parrot tulip, red satin ribbon are all easy enough to find and of course, there's also red apples. Twinkle lights, if you have a lot of them, will provide the perfect lighting for you party. If you read the books, you know that Alice Cullen loves to plan parties and twinkle lights are on her list of the top party decorations.

Alice's parties aren't black and if you want to do a light and flower filled party know the "pretty in pink" sweet 16 birthday theme I don't think Alice would mind one bit. Right now I am not sure which color plan to go daughter wants the red and black.

Her party is going to be in a rented hall. The agreement we signed allows us to go in and decorate the day before so we will have plenty of time to get creative with our party decor. That's if we ever figure out which one to use!

My daughter would love to have everyone come as their favorite Twilight character...but isn't that just like dressing to go to school? I was hoping for a more formal party than that...but again it's something we two have to come to an agreement about. I'd like to see my daughter in a lovely sweet 16 style dress...with her hair up and looking lovely...she is more into wearing her jeans so...

I read a great article about Twilight Parties and instead of table numbers each of the party tables was named for a movie character! The Alice table, The Edward table...I'd like to be at the Alice Cullen table...she is my favorite character, while I am sure my daughter, a team Edward fan, will be at the Edward. Let's see...Alice, Edward, Bella, Jacob, Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, Jasper...if you need more table names, go with the names of the school friends or the Volturi or Denali clans.

What's the Team Edward thing? Twilight fans are torn between whether Bella Swan should stay with Edward Cullen, or date her best friend, Jacob Black...the werewolf. If you want Bella to date are on Team Edward...Jacob...Team Jacob. My sweet 15 year old is on Team Edward.

The party is going to be easy to set up because I am going to use all plastic party ware. Whichever color scheme we decide upon will be easy to find accessories in. I am going to buy a cardboard standup or two...of course one of Edward Cullen, and I think the second cutout stand up will be Bella. There are several characters to choose from and I believe these life size stand ups are about 35.00 each, but they will really be a big hit with the I am going to splurge on them.

If we go with the red and black, I am going to use the parrot tulips in silk as a centerpiece. Just a clear or black plastic vase with two or three flowers in each one should look good. I am going to
set my kitchen table with a black tablecloth, and put a vase of the flowers on to see which vase color looks best! I can get plates, forks and cups in black and red and that will be easy enough. Of course if we do decide on the pink that is easy to find to. I am also going to cluster some white and black helium balloons in the corners of the rooms.

I was thinking about getting fancy with the napkins. You know having something printed on of the more popular Twilight quotes. I am not sure which one yet, but I'd better work on choosing one soon. I will have to order those in advance. Along with the printed napkins, I am going to make some white chocolate chess pieces and maybe some dog bones for the Weres, and put some red and white or silver confetti or ribbon on each table. You can always use red and silver chocolate covered candies too.

If you don't want to spend the money on printed napkins, you can print your own twilight quotes out on your PC and cut the papers up and leave them on the tables. You can also put them into fortune cookies and surprise everyone.

The dinner is going to be catered buffet style...we are getting it from a little deli down the street from out house who does parties. It was so easy to choose...because they have a small menu. I got a large variety of different food items so everyone would find something they like to eat.

The cake...was actually very, very easy to plan. I am going to make a red velvet 1/2 sheet cake and I am going to put chocolate frosting on it. I do play around with cake decorating, so I know how to do this. It's really easy, you just have to attempt it once and you will be amazed at just how easy it is to design and decorate your own cake. I ordered a cake topper for the top of the's an edible picture of the Twilight characters and I pre-ordered it for a early June delivery. I will contact the company at the end of May to re-confirm my order. I am also going to order a smaller ice cream cake...and you can also get the Twilight pics on that too.

Of course, you are going to need some fun party activities...and perhaps even a few fun party games. A friend of ours is a DJ, so she is going to come and provide the music at a's always nice to know someone who does this! I am letting her and my daughter pick out all the music for the evening. She is really great and encourages everyone to get up and have some fun on the dance floor so I know everyone will be dancing. She is also going to play MC for a Twilight Trivia contest and the Werewolf Howling Contest. That's a version of the good old Mexican Yell Contest...very funny!

Why not have a Team Edward/Team Jacob contest. Let everyone put their vote in a box and let someone count the votes up to see who wins Bella! The Twilight Soundtrack is going to be played, most likely over and over again. If you would like to see that play list you can find it on Stephanie Meyer's web site or on any online store that sells the CD.

I love party games and party favors. I really want to splurge on our party favors for this sweet 16 party. I want to get a Tee shirt printed with pictures of the Twilight cast on it and have it say "Happy Birthday Jenna...Love, Edward"...that's my daughter's name. Or something like that...Sweet 16 and still not a vamp! I will think of something. I am still looking around for deals on the T shirt's really expensive. Party prizes can be traveling chess games, hot wheels cars...the ones the Cullens, Bella or Edward drive...there's always Charlie's cruiser, glittery sparkly body powder, a copy of the DVD or CD, posters, or lip gloss in the Twilight theme. Everyone loves to win prizes!

You can always tape something to the bottom of one of the party chairs...or one at each party table to see who gets to take home the table centerpiece.

Now all that will be left is for everyone to enjoy the party...and gather up the gifts to head home when the evening is over. Time to write up the party thank you notes, Twilight themed also. This is going to be such a special night for my daughter and our family. Sweet 16 is such a great time of a young girl's life and it's a wonderful feeling to be able to give my girl this party as a birthday gift.

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Nice Twilight Party Ideas Sue!
by: Jillian


I am "dazzled" by your wonderful Twilight party ideas! There are so many good party ideas that incorporate the Twilight Books, movie and even the characters!

I am sure you are going to have a great time and so is your daughter! I really like the idea about instead of numbering the party tables naming them after the Twilight Characters! That's different!

Make sure to tell Jenna a big "Happy Birthday" from me!

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