Twilight , New Moon and Eclipse Party Ideas

Twilight Party Ideas are perfect for a tween or teen party. (So are New Moon or Eclipse party ideas!) The four book saga and the newly released movie, the story of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, are so popular with the tween/teen age group and that makes the Twilight Party an easy choice for a tween/teen birthday party or a get-together.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Body Stickers (2)

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Bookmarks Asst. (4)

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Deluxe Party Pack

Eclipse, the third movie of the Twilight Saga is also a hot teen party them and you can get Eclipse merchandise, jewelry and clothing. Find all your Eclipse gear at Hot Topics. Plus you can find some fun Eclipse Party Ideas for some great ideas for a movie release or Halloween party.

The Twilight Saga Party Supplies have finally arrived. Take a look at the party pack filled with plates, cups, napkins and more. There are huge cups, napkins, pins, stickers...well, see for yourself!

You can make your own Twilight Halloween costumes. Just dig in your closet...or your best friends closet and find clothes that your favorite Twilight character would wear. After all, these vampires dress pretty much the same as you do. Get your costume ready for all your Halloween costume parties and those great Twilight Halloween party ideas...and the Eclipse movie release parties too. I'm going to get some plates for my everyday lunch! I'll be hanging with Edward, Jacob and Bella for lunch each day...until my party! And of course, for some Christmas gift ideas or birthday party ideas for that special Twilight fan...or for yourself, we've got all kinds of Twilight Stuff! including T shirts, lunch boxes, Cullen Crest jewelry, jigsaw puzzles and even a pillowcase with Edward Cullen on it, or a pillowcase with Edward, Bella and Jacob. Take a look at these Twilight party plates and accessories with the Cullens, Bella and Jacob on them!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Glossy Photos (8)

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Deluxe Party Pack

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Bookmarks Asst. (4)

Check out the cool FX Lenses at Vampfangs! They have Edward's eyes!! Search for Golden Twilight FX Contact Lenses!

Twilight,New Moon and Eclipse Party Supplies and Twilight Clothes and Jewelry!

The books of the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer include:
  • Twilight
  • New Moon
  • Eclipse
  • Breaking Dawn

Twilight Vampire Werewolf Chess Set

Look at what I just found! It's a Vampire Werewolf Chess set and it's perfect for your Twilight party ideas...or just the Twilight lover in your house. If you are a chess player and a fan of the Sephanie Meyer vampire saga...this just might be the find of the year for you! I want to see the Vampire Werewolf Chess Set

How about Edward and Bella Dolls? Are you a Twilight Collectible freak? Need a gift for a Twilight fan? Then take a look at these fun items I found! Just click on the picture for more information.

Twilight Action Figures: Edward and Bella 2-Pack /Twilight Scene It Game /Twilight 4GB USB Flash Drive /Twilight Movie Barbie Doll Assortment Case

Twilight Party Ideas Trivia Question # 1.

1. Why did Bella move to Forks, Washington?

What is Twilight About?

Twilight focuses on a romance between Bella and Edward. Bella has just moved to Forks, Washington from Phoenix, Arizona. As soon as Bella sees the Cullen's at her new school, she can see they are different from the other kids. The plot thickens as we find out that Edward Cullen is a vampire who finds Bella irresistable. It takes all the strength within him not to kill her, even though Edward and his family of vampires have made the choice not to drink human blood but to survive on the blood of animals, it is still difficult for him. Edward explains to Bella that her blood is like his own personal brand of heroin. The Cullen's call themselves "vegetarians".

The characters in Twilight include:

Twilight Party Ideas Trivia Question # 2.

2. What is Edward Cullen?

Make Your Own Twilight Party Invitations

It's easy to make your own Twilight Party Invitations. You can find the perfect font to use on your party invites at several websites online. It will give a feeling of authenticity to your invites and make them look beautiful.

The cover of the Twilight book has an apple on it, so you might think about using that as a part of your invitation. You can scan a picture of the book jacket and use that as a background to your print. Paste the writing ontop and you've got a lovely invitation. The font is called Zephyr and it's free for you to use. You can find it online at

You can use this font for lots of other party ideas too. You can make place cards for the table, you can make labels for goodie bags, you can even print trivia games in it.

There is a paper pattern called Clair de Lune, it is perfect for Twilight Party Invitations. You will find a link at the bottom of this page.

Twilight Party Ideas Trivia Question # 3.

3. Edward has two sisters. What are their names?

Twilight Party Invitations

Twilight Decoration Ideas For A Tween/Teen Party

There are lots of great Twilight party ideas you can use for decorations when hosting a tween/teen Twilight party. You can get ideas from any of the book covers or from within the books themselves.

Twilight Party Decorating Ideas:

Online stores sell Edward Cullen and Bella Cutouts. These are life size pictures of these characters. They look outstanding in person and will certainly thrill your party guests! You can also get cutouts of James, Rosalie, Laurant and Victoria. There are pictures of them at the bottom of this page.

You can use the colors black and red, which are the primary colors of the book covers.

Scatter shredded pieces of red, black and silver papers (confetti) around your dining or buffet table. It will make it shine and sparkle.

You can place your books around on tables and even use one as a party table centerpiece.

Find movie posters of the Twilight characters and hang them up in your party room. There have also been many magazine covers and pictures of the book characters and the movie cast. Cut them out and hang them on the walls, put them into picture frames or put them on helium filled latex balloons so they can float around the room.

Alice loved to decorate with twinkle lights and we all know how successful Alice's parties were. Well, most of them!

Use some red lighting to help make the room look more dramatic.

Alice also loved to use flowers in her party decorating. Use roses or the red and white parrot tulips from the New Moon book cover.

Make your own flowers out of tissue paper.

You can use glass balls in shiny black and red to decorate the room and tables too. Fill glass vases with some glass or plastic Christmas decorations in red and black.

If you have a buffet or curio you can place white paper doilies inside them and put a black or red ball on top of each one.

Suggestion # 1 about the glittery confetti paper would look good around the scattered around the ornamental red and black balls too.

Twilight Party Ideas Trivia Question # 4.

4. What are Edward's brothers names?

Play The Twilight Soundtrack

The Soundtrack of the movie, Twilight, is just the thing you need to supply music to your party guests. It's a great soundtrack and there are a couple ways you can get it.

You can buy the soundtrack

You can download it off your computer
You can play it from your computer
You can download it to your MP3 player
Find out how to get the Twilight Soundtrack Free!

Twilight Party Ideas Trivia Question # 5.

5. Who tries to kill Bella?

Twilight Party Favor Ideas

There are some great Twilight Party Favor Ideas!

Twilight goodie bag fillers include:

  • Chocolate Candy Apple Lollipops
  • Chocolate Chess Pieces
  • Twilight Book
  • Bookmarks
  • Buttons
  • Stickers
  • Collector Cards
  • Sparkling Body Powder
  • Fortune Cookies with Twilight Quotes
  • Candy Bars with Twilight wrap covers
  • Twilight Jewelry
  • Movie Posters
  • Movie Soundtrack
  • Tee Shirts

Twilight Party Favors

Twilight Party Ideas Trivia Question # 6.

6. What kind of vehicle does Rosalie have?

Twilight Party Food Ideas

You can be creative and find some fun party recipes for your Twilight Party Food Ideas!

Take a look at our Twilight Cupcake Pictures!

Get a Red Punch recipe. Serve it in an elegant punch bowl set or a drink fountain. A drink fountain continually pours the liquid in it, just like a real fountain. How cool would that look!

Print out some Twilight Pictures and glue them to soda cans or soda bottles.

Twilight Vampire Cupcakes
Red Velvet Cake with Chocolate frosting would look very pretty, fit your red and black decorating scheme and taste great!

Edible images are an easy way to decorate your cupcakes. Get images of the Cullen Clan, Edward and Bella to put on your party cupcakes.

Chocolate Cake with Red frosting.

Make Red Popcorn as an easy party appetizer.

Serve some Candy Apples...these are very easy to make!
Fondue...Keeping with black and red...use strawberries to dip into chocolate. Use food or candy coloring to turn marshmellow dips, cheeses or even chocolate the color red and let your guests dip away.

Novel Twilight Party Food and Recipe Ideas!

Twilight Party Ideas Trivia Question # 7.

7. What kind of food does Bella order at the restaurant in Port Angeles?

You Need Fun Party Games For Your Twilight Party Ideas!

Twilight Party Games can include:

  • Twilight Trivia Half the fun of playing Twilight Trivia will be making up the questions! Make sure to throw in some car questions. The Cullen's like their cars! You can find everything you will need right in the Twilight books. You can also check on Stephanie Meyer's website at to look for some fun trivia.
  • Twilight Charades might be an interesting party game. Let's see who knows the characters the best!
  • Twilight Costume Contest...invite your party guests to come in costumes of Bella, the Cullens, the people of Forks and the James Vampire Gang.
  • Bingo! You can make your own Twilight Bingo cards using pictures you find online.
  • Twilight Treasure Hunt...Fill little plastic eggs in red and black with Twilight goodies. You can use pictures, bookmarks, candy vampire fangs, candy bloody bandaids or blood bags, matchbox cars (fast ones like the Cullen's drive or an old truck like Bella's), Twilight stickers, temporary tattoos, collectable trading cards.

  • Scavenger Hunt! You can have a Twilight Scavenger Hunt Write a list of items that can include:
    • an apple
    • a Twilight book
    • a picture of Edward and Bella
    • a fork
    • a baseball cap
    • a biology book
    • a copy of a map with Forks, Washington on it
    • fangs

    Twilight Party Ideas Trivia Question # 8.

    8. What kind of animal does Edward like to hunt?

    Twilight Party Activities

    Some perfect ideas for Twilight Party Activities are:

    • Make Twilight Charm bracelets
    • Twilight Karaoke
    Make Twilight Charm Bracelets

    Jewelry making kits are easy to find online. You can check out Oriental Trading Company for many crafting ideas. They have all kinds of bracelets, beads and charms that will help you and your friends make some fabulous bracelets! Make sure to get a diamond and a wolf charm just like on Bella's bracelet.

    Twilight Karaoke

    Get out the Twilight soundtrack and get ready to sing your hearts out! You can get out the old Karaoke machine from your attic and set it up with the soundtrack or you can check online to find it. Take some videos of's going to be great to watch when your done singing!

    Twilight Party Ideas Trivia Question # 9.

    9. What is the game that the Cullen's like to play in thunder storms?

    Twilight Party Ideas Trivia Question Answers

    Let's Talk About Twilight

    Are you dazzled by Twilight? I am...and like most obsessed fans, all I want to do is talk about it! The movie, the books, the characters, the music, all of it!

    If you are like me and can't get enough of Twilight...the movie, the books and the characters then talk to me about them. I'd love to hear your about which of the Books is your favorite, who is your favorite Character and any great Twilight Party Ideas or Trivia, or just thoughts you have about this great Saga!

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    Go from Party Ideas to Twilight 16th Birthday Party Ideas

    The Twilight Novel

    Go from Twilight Party Ideas to Creative Party Theme Ideas

    Want Bella and Edward to be at your Twilight Party? You can have them there! Check out the life size standup posters of Bella, Edward, James, Laurent and Victoria. What will your guests think when they walk in and see these Twilight cutouts there?

    Are the Twilight trivia questions on this page too easy for you? Well don't despair, they get more difficult as we go on. I will ask you for more details as well. If your as big a Twilight fan as I am...these may not be a problem for you at all! But will your Twilight party guests know all the answers? Let's put them to the test!

    Hey...I just found the most beautiful's perfect for you to make Twilight Invitations with...really beautiful and it's free. It is called Claire de Lune, just like the song Bella and Edward know. This paper will provide the perfect background for invitations...ideal for Twilight party ideas. Take a look at Make Twilight Invitations!

    Twilight Volvo...Vampire's Like To Drive Fast

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    Twilight Party Ideas to Crepusculo ideias do partido por teens e adulescente I hope you like these Twilight party ideas. I am sure you will be able to use some of them if you are using a Twilight theme for a birthday party!

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