Twilight Party Games For Twilight Party Fun

Twilight party games are fun to play when you are a fan of the Twilight Saga. Trivia is always enjoyable when it's about Edward Cullen and Bella Swan...and the rest of the Twilight characters. Those of us who love the books take our trivia very seriously.

Twilight Scene It is due out in October of this year, and it will be a top item on lots of Christmas lists. Scene It

Twilight Scene It? Game

will allow you to test your Twilight movie knowledge with film clips from the movie. Scene It? Twilight Deluxe Edition features hundreds of movie clips, trivia questions and on screen puzzlers from the actual movie, Twilight.

Scene It? will challenge your memory and skills while giving you the chance to ames and bonus activities that are unique to Scene It? Twilight.

Relive your favorite moments from Twilight with your favorite characters, Bella, Edward, Jacob, Alice, Jasper and the rest of the cast. This game includes a game, 4 collectible metal tokens, 100 trivia cards, 30 fate cards, 6-sided die, 8-sided die, and instruction sheet. Pre Order yours today.

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