Twilight Party Food Ideas and Recipes

Twilight party food ideas and recipes - where you can find some easy, delicious recipes for your Twilight Party Ideas.

But before we get to the trivia questions take a look at the Twilight dolls I found...and a Twilight Scene It game. Scene It is a fun game, great for your party ideas! These dolls or game will make the perfect gift for that Edward Cullen fan in your house, or perhaps...for you! Just click on the picture for more information.

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What to serve to drink at your party? Red Punch is the perfect drink to serve at a Twilight party. You can serve it in a punch bowl. That just seems so "Edward" to me. It's an old fashioned, elegant way to serve punch. Make it with ginger ale and cherry will be Blood Red and delicious. Or make it with ginger ale and orange juice...but make ice cubes out of a red punch or red soda...when they melt your punch will turn red.

I found some great Vampire Cupcakes. They taste great, but look even better. Perfect for a Twilight party. Any color cake mix, topped with white frosting. Two small red puncture holes on've got a Vampire Bite Cupcake.

Unless you'd rather make a Red Velvet Cake with Chocolate frosting. If you would prefer a cake to cupcakes, this would work very well with the Twilight theme. It's a very pretty cake too. Plus...the blood red cake...what Vampire will be able to resist?

Take a look at some Twilight Cupcake Pictures.

Another nice looking cake is the Chocolate Cake with Red frosting.

Popcorn with red food coloring dropped into your melted butter. Nice red and white effect for an easy party food.

Serve some Candy Apples...these are very easy to make!

If your planning a more formal meal, you might want to try Mushroom ravioli. Bella likes it! It's what she had when Edward took her to the restaurant. You can always make regular cheese ravioli and top with a mushroom sauce.

You are going to have so much fun planning a Twilight party and using these Twilight party food ideas and recipes!

Vampire Cupcakes

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