Twilight Party Favors

Have you been looking for Twilight Party Favors? Bet they have not been easy to find...until now! Just take a look at this cute party's perfect. It will have a special significance to your friends if they have read the Twilight Saga and seen the movie countless times.

Do they know all the names of the movie cast, and the book characters? How about what cars these characters drive? If they do...these are the perfect little Thank You gifts for them.

If you need Twilight birthday party favors for your party guests and Twilight is your theme...I think you've found just the right ones.

You can have them personalized too. Put whatever name and date you like on there. It can be Edward and Bella or it can be your daughter to remind the guests where they got this great favor idea.

Are you using Alice Cullen's party decorating ideas? She is the family party planner you know. In the books, everytime there was a party, it was Alice who put it all together.

Would you like to make your own invitations? I found Clair de Lune paper that are perfect...there's an apple on them too. There are several different patterns. They are not free, I think they are about 3.50 and all you have to do is print them out. Take a look at these Dazzling Invitation Ideas

There are lots of great decorating and party food ideas waiting for you, and don't forget the Twilight party Go from Twilight Party Favors to Twilight Party Ideas

More Twilight Party Favor Ideas

Vampire Fangs

Bloody Dripping Candle Tapers

Bags of Blood Candy

Blood Balls

Edward and Bella could have used these Squeeze Apples when they needed to relax!

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