The Twilight Novel

Have you read the Twilight Novel? Stephanie Meyer has written a saga that is thrilling both the younger and older reader.

If you have not read The Twilight Novel Saga here's your chance to get your copy now.

Twilight Summary

The unlikely love story between a vampire and a human is "dazzling" readers all over.

Edward Cullen, a vampire born in 1901, meets Isabella (Bella) Swan who has just moved to Forks, Washington from Phoenix, Arizona. He is immediately attracted to her scent. He reacts with anger and frustration. Edward and the rest of his family don't drink human blood (they call themselves vegetarians)and his attraction to Bella's blood is so strong he doesn't know if he can resist the temptation to drink it. He fights his urges, but can't resist being near Bella.

Edward saves Bella life. He rescues her from a skidding van by stopping it with his hand and that is the first night Bella dreams of Edward.

Bella discovers Edward's secret, but is not afraid of him. (One of my favor twilight scenes is when Bella gets out of Edward's Volvo at the school yard for the first time. I love the looks on their faces.)

After meeting the Cullen family, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper, Bella goes to play baseball with them. It's at this vampire baseball game that Bella's troubles begin. A coven of nomadic vampires meets up with the family, Victoria, Laurent and James. James is a tracer who upon "smelling Bella's human scent exclaims "You brought a snack".

James senses Edward's rage and this sets a hunt in motion. It triggers the hunting instinct in James, who sees Edward as his greatest challenge. This chase that leads back to Phoenix and in the end, Edward and his family save Bella from the evil clutches of James.

My Twilight summary is short. If your familiar with the book or movie you know there are lots of great scenes in the Twilight Movie, and a great cast of characters.

I enjoyed reading the Twilight Novel so much, I went right out and bought New Moon and Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I knew right away I would enjoy all of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Saga...and I did.

Favorite Twilight Novel Characters

My favorite character from Twilight is...Edward, Bella, Alice and my second favorite character is Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle and Esme. Okay, I cheated! I like all the Twilight characters and think the director did a great job with casting the movie.

My favorite part of the cast's wardrobe are Rosalie's shoes. They are Vince Camuto Trish pumps. I rushed to buy a pair but couldn't find them anywhere! But if you want something from the movie you can check online, there are lots of other Twilight accessories for sale. Jewelry, wrist bands, Bella's charm bracelet with a wolf, a heart and a blood tear drop, along with the books and the soundtrack.

The music from Twilight is great too...I like everything about the books and the movie...except the fact that I have to wait so long for the release of the second movie, New Moon! Flightless Bird is one of my favorite songs, but I do like them all.

Who is your favorite character? Why? What's your favorite Twilight scene? How many books have you read? How many times have you scene the movie? Which quote, or line from the book or movie, do you like the best? Tell me...I am dying to know.

I need my Twilight's like my own personal brand of heroin.

Twilight Quotes

Twilight Novel Quotes include:

  • "That was the first night I dreamed of Edward Cullen"

  • "Edward Cullen is staring at you"
  • "Edward Cullen is staring at you again"
  • "No blood, no foul"
  • It's better if we're not friends. Trust me."
  • "What if I'm not the superhero. What if I'm the bad guy?"
  • "Do I dazzle you?"
  • "No one will surrender tonight"

  • Yes, most of my favorite Twilight quotes are said by Edward, but I'm a girl and he dazzled me, so what did you expect.?

    What's yours?

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    Twilight Trivia is great to play with your friends. It's an easy game to make up, just write down your favorite Twilight facts and turn them into a question. Here's an example...Bella moved from Phoenix, Arizona to live in Forks, Washington, with her father, Charlie. There are several Twilight trivia questions and answers in that long sentence. 1. Where is Bella from. 2. Why did Bella move to Forks? 3. What is Chief Swan's first name? See how easy it is! Now write down a few of your favorite book or movie scenes and try it.

    Twilight party ideas are fun, and if your a fan of the Twilight novel saga and movie, they will be perfect for your next party. Find out how to make your own Twilight Invitations, get some great Twilight Party Food Ideas, and plan a fun party game with Twilight Trivia questions and answers!

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