Twilight Halloween Costumes From New Moon

Finally, there are Twilight Halloween Costumes! These costumes can transform you into Bella, Alice Cullen or Edward Cullen, three of the top characters in the Twilight's New Moon Novel by Stephenie Meyer. The second movie, New Moon, is due out November 20th...thousands of obsessed Saga fans are going crazy waiting for that release date.

Go to Halloween Costume Guide to see Alice and Edward costumes and Girl's Apparel to see Bella Swan's costume, it's her birthday dress from New Moon!

But now, with Alice costumes, Bella costumes and Edward costumes out, you can get a jump on the movie release and dress up this Halloween as a Cullen Vampire or as Bella Swan, Edward's love.

Just wait until your friends see you in your Twilight costume! They are going to be so shocked when the Cullen's or Bella come into the Halloween party.

How about the Soundtrack for New Moon?

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