Twilight Clothes And Jewelry

Twilight clothes and jewelry are wonderful gift ideas for any Twilight fan. Especially if that Twilight fan is you!

Take a look at these Tee shirts with pictures taken from Twilight's New Moon movie. That's the new one that is due out on November 20th. The jewelry is pretty and the Twilight Halloween costumes are fun. There's Alice, Edward and even a Bella costume.

Just Click on any picture for more information.

Sleep With Edward Cullen Get a Twilight PillowCase

Who wants to sleep with Edward Cullen tonight? Then check out this Twilight Pillowcase!!

Twilight New Moon Duvet Bed Covering

Imagine how thrilled your daughter...or you...will be with a Twilight New Moon Duvet Bed Covering. Any Stephenie Meyer Saga fan will just love this. Whether it's a birthday gift, a holiday gift or just an I love you gift...this will really amaze the Twilight fanatic in your house. This Duvet has a quote from Edward on it, it reads, "What choice have I? I cannot be without you but I will not destroy your soul." OME!

Twilight Clothes

Take a look at these Twilight T shirts and hoodies. Aren't they great? There are both Team Edward and Team Jacob shirts, you have got to click on a picture and go into the online Twilight clothes catalog. You are not going to believe the great Twilight gear they have.

Okay, the Bella costume is actually a dress. It's the dress Bella wears in Twilight's New Moon. She wears it the night of her birthday party...and we all know what happens then.

Take a look at our party supplies page. You can find all the fun party plates, napkins, stickers and other accessories to throw a great Twilight party, perhaps for the New Moon movie release.

Twilight and New Moon Jewelry

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