Twilight Car Quiz Answers

Here are the Questions and the Twilight Car Quiz Answers for your Twilight Party Trivia Game.

1. What car does Edward Cullen drive? What color is it?

Twilight Trivia Quiz answer #1
Edward Cullen drives a Volvo and it's silver. In the book it's a Volvo S60R and in the movie his car is a Volvo C30.

2. How about Bella Swan. Do you know the year and make of her red vehicle?

Twilight Trivia Quiz answer #2
Bella's dad, Charlie Swan, bought the red truck for Bella when she moved to Forks. He got it from Billy Black, Jacob Black's father...Jacob did the mechanical work to get it ready for the sale. It's a 1953 Chevy Pickup Truck.

3. Carlisle has a black one. What is it?

Twilight Car Quiz answer #3
Carlisle Cullen's car is a Mercedes S55 AMG...a very beautiful car indeed.

4. Emmett's vehicle is would have to be for Emmett to be comfortable...cause he is one big guy!

Twilight Trivia Quiz answer #4
Emmett Cullen's car is a Jeep Wrangler.

5. Do you think Rosalie's car is as beautiful as she is? Does it fit her personality? What is the car Rosalie has in the Twilight Saga?

Twilight Car Quiz answer #5
Rosalie Hale drives a BMW M3 convertible. It's red and I think it's a beautiful car, but with Rosalie behind the wheel it makes the car look even better!

6. Jacob Black spends lots of time in his garage. Do you know why?

Twilight Trivia Quiz answer #6
In the second book of the Twilight Saga Jacob spends a lot of time in his garage repairing the two motorcycles.

7. What kind of car does Jacob have?

Twilight Car Quiz answer #7
Jacob Black, Bella's friend who is a Quileute Indian and a Werewolf, drives a 1976 Volkswagen Rabbit.

8. What does Jacob teach Bella to ride in New Moon, book two of the Twilight Saga?

Twilight Trivia Quiz answer #8
Jacob Black first repairs the two motorcycles Bella brought to his house and then teaches Bella how to ride one. Jacob's bike is a Harley Davidson Sprint and Bella's is a Honda Scrambler CL70.

9. What does Charlie Swan, Bella's Dad, drive?

Twilight Car Quiz answer #9
Charlie Swan is the Chief of Police in Forks and drives his police car.

10. Why, in the beginning of the Twilight Novel does Bella say she wants a car of her own?

Twilight Trivia Quiz answer #10
Bella doesn't want to have to ride around in a police car, with flashing lights on top of it.

11. One vehicle almost kills Bella, but Edward saves her. What kind of vehicle was it?

Twilight Trivia Quiz answer #11
In the movie, Twilight, it's a van that almost kills Bella.

12. Who owned the vehicle that almost killed Bella?

Twilight Trivia Quiz answer #12
Tyler Crowley, a school mate of Bella Swans, almost kills her with his van in the Twilight movie. He hits on ice in the school parking lot and skids into her truck. She would have been crushed, but Edward Cullen saved her life.

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