Twilight 16th Birthday Party Ideas

Twilight 16th birthday party ideas are perfect for the teenage girl who is crazy about the Twilight Saga and Edward Cullen. This book saga is so popular with tween and teens, and since the movie was released in's over the top! You're going to be hearing a lot of new about the new movie, New Moon. It's still being cast, but filming is scheduled for later this year. This is going to be a popular party theme this year.

With the Twilight and New Moon party supplies available, you will be able to use these as your Twilight Sweet 16 Birthday party supplies!

Twilight Party Decorating Ideas

Use what the Twilight Saga gives us...the book covers. You have your choice of four different book covers, but the basic color scheme for this party is red and black. It's quite a dramatic look for a teen party but your daughter is sure to love it.

Use black table cloths with white place mats and red plastic plates, cups and dinnerware. Roll your white napkins up like scrolls and finish them off by tying a red satin ribbon around them. Use red, black and silver confetti, the sparkle kind, and scatter it all over your party table. It will look great!

You can make red and black flowers out of tissue paper and hang them all around the room. Centerpieces for the tables can be as simple as a bowl of red apples, or red, white and black flowers of silk and put them in to a silver plastic vase. If you have a bigger party budget, find out how much the beautiful red and white parrot tulips are from your local flower shop. Use twinkle lights to brighten up the room. Alice Cullen went a little crazy with hers, and you can too. 16th birthday parties are easy once you start thinking about the look you want to achieve.

More Twilight 16th Birthday Party Ideas

Alice, the Cullen party planner, never used the black and red theme...I guess she never saw the book covers! Alice likes it bright and cheerful and she used flowers everywhere. So if you are thinking more of a pink and pretty theme you may want to hear what Alice did for the know, Bella and Edward's. She used plenty of flowers, roses, freesia and even some white orange blossoms. What a fragrance those beautiful flowers must have given the party room. Twinkle lights are Alice's second favor decorating tool. She went crazy with them for the Forks High School Graduation party and you can too...there are never too many twinkle lights!

Extra Twilight 16th birthday party ideas include decorating with posters of the movie cast, using chess pieces like the Queen and a Pawn.

Make Some Edible Twilight Party Favors

Party favors that you can eat! Great ideas...but what fits in with a Twilight theme? Candy Apples are perfect. You can make the red Jelly Apples we are all familiar with or you can dress these Apples up with coats of Chocolate...use dark chocolate or milk chocolate for the base and then drizzle white chocolate on top of that with drizzles of red chocolate for the perfect party favor. You can make the coats as thick as you want...keep going till they look great. You can even put marshmallows or other candies on them...or coconut flakes. Wrap them up in some clear or colored plastic wrap and tie each one with a red ribbon.

Twilight Cakes

What are some good ideas for a Twilight Cake? How about a Red Velvet cake...looks like something a vampire would like...and it sounds pretty tasty too. You can order an edible cake topper with a picture of Edward and Bella on it. Cake toppers can be ordered online. All you have to do is pay for it, then upload the picture you want on it. How about pictures of your daughter and Edward...She will love it! Once the order is placed the company will make the topper and send it to you through the mail. Once you get it all you have to do is bake your cake, put frosting on it and place the cake topper on. What an easy way to make a beautiful, unique party cake. That a great idea I thought of! It certainly is one of the more unique Twilight 16th birthday party ideas that I've heard so far.

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