Twilight 13th Birthday Party Ideas

by Amanda

Twilight Party Ideas! My daughter's party is tomorrow. I am using the twinkle lights to decorate the dining room, the colors of course are red, black and white.

I am getting 13 roses since she is turning 13, in red and black and those will be the centerpiece for the table. I have a leftover table cover that is checkered flag, I thought this would be appropriate with a few chess pieces scattered around the table along with the books and some apples.

We made our own bookmarks that the girls can finish decorating and I found some apple buttons that I am going to let the girls mix with beads for bracelets and cell phone charms.

I found someone to make a photo copy of the edible image of Edward in the sun and that is going to be on her cake. We have the Twilight soundtrack and are going to play that in the background. I am still unsure of the games, but I also bought some tote bags and have the printable iron on's so I can make my own tote bag prizes. I will try to take some pictures and send them, hoping it goes well!

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Twilight 13th Birthday Party Ideas
by: Crystal

I am throwing my daughter a 13th birthday party with the Twilight Eclipse theme. Colors will be black and red balloons with a little white balloons added to the mix. the same with the crepe paper decorations. The menu will consist of hot wings, Swedish meatballs, salad among other foods that will be served like curry chicken, rice & peas. (still thinking of red foods)

The area where the cake will be will have pictures of the cast members like a backdrop, if i can succeed the look with a twilight theme table cloth that would be great if everything is postion correctly.

Goody bags will be the twilight 22oz theme cup with bubbles, trinkets from the movie, candym\,twilzers and crazy straw droped into the cup and the cup dropped into a clear or red celephane candy bag that is tied with ribbon that will be red and black curled. Each kid will leave with a red candy apple (without coconut) along with their candy bag.

Glow sticks and glow bracelets will be giving out also with vampire teeth. If anyone lives in NYC you can go to 23rd st for the glow items. 30 dollars for 100 glow necklace and 20 for 50 bracelets. Or you can order them online...along with vampire fangs, bags of candy blood etc at the Oriental Trading Company.

And of course i will have the movie soundtrack from the first movie playing along with the main play list.

My Twilight Party
by: shy

I'm having a Twilight Party for my birthday too! My Twilight Birthday cake is going to be a 4 layered layer for each of the 4 books in the Twilight Saga!

We are going to have three teams and plan to have a race and play twilight games, I haven't figured out what other games to play.

My Twilight party invitations are going to be VIP movie ticket and my Mom wants to have a movie marathon since New Moon should be out on DVD by then.

We are planning to make our own tote bags for all the stuff we get at the party, there are so many great party favor ideas you can use for a Twilight party. We are still deciding which ones to use. The candy apples are a top one and so are the Twilight Stickers and cups.

by: Anonymous

you could also make your own trivia about characters. or you could make a list of the actors/actress and have them guess who is who.

Some Twilight Party Tips
by: Amanda

that sounds fun! I am turning 12 this october and i am haveing a twilight party too
i am going to some how split up the guests and make a team jacob and team edward. we might have a scavenger hunt aganst each other and play twilight sene it (which you can get at blockbusters). I am going to have a chocolate foutain and put red food coloring in it to make it more vampirish? you should also have some of the book covers incorparated. like a chess peices,parrot tulips,apples, or the ribin ripped at one end. you could also rent a fog machine to give your party the FORKs look to it or put dry ice in buckets and set them around the party area.
hope your daughter has the best party ever,
Amanda P.
PS make this one special because you only turn 13 once (enless you are a vampire)

13th Birthday
by: Tess

Great ideas!

It is my 13th Birthday on November 1st but I am having my party on Halloween! Since the guests are sleeping over, we will have some mattresses and clear out the Toy Room so we have plenty of space.

I am thinking to have the Twilight Bingo as a game and maybe the roses. We don't have any twinkle lights at my house but I am thinking Christmas lights could be good. One of my friends has the Twilight board game so I'm goning to ask her to bring that and if the guests could bring their favourite movies and CD's.

If anyone has any more ideas, please post them below or make a page!

Twilight Party Games
by: Anna

You could get the Twilight board game and the girls (and or guys) could play that. Thats what I'm doing for my 13th b-day party

Amanda, Your Twilight Party Ideas Are Great!
by: Jillian

It sure sounds like you are ready for your daughter's Twilight birthday party! Wish her a Happy Birthday from me!!

You have done a great job planning her party. The checkered table cloth and the chess pieces are such a good idea, they must look great...and so are all the party activities you have planned. Your cake sounds wonderful! I'd love to have you send pictures...Thank You.

You mentioned that you still need some party game ideas...Twilight Trivia is so write down a few questions and answers for the guests to play.

How about Twilight Bingo! Make up bingo cards...with 5 rows across and down. Put words from Edward or each square. Write down the words you use on small pieces of paper and drop them into a bag or bowl. Choose a "caller" and have them pull the papers out, one at a time and call it out. The first person to get a complete row of answers called is a winner. You can also continue the game until some lucky party guest gets a full board.

Can't wait to hear all the party details!

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