Twilight Party Ideas For Halloween and Birthday Parties and Eclipse

Eclipse,Halloween and Twilight party ideas are perfect together. What's more haunting than a vampire and a human romance story? The couple, in this case, is Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Edward is over 100 years old, but was frozen in time when he became a vampire. Bella is only 17.

Fate has brought this modern day Romeo and Juliet together in the dreary, almost sunless, town of Forks, Washington. Vampires fare well in Forks, because of it's rainy and dismal climate. The Cullen vampires glitter like diamonds in the sun, but can safely walk around in daylight in Forks. (most of the time)

Eclipse party ideas are really popular now since the movie has just been released. Are you ready with the party supplies and fun Twilight party game ideas you need? Breaking Dawn is next. It is scheduled to be released sometime next year in two movies. The book is so big it had to be broken up.

The Twilight Saga has obsessed millions of fans all over the world. We wait, on edge, to hear tidbits of Twilight news. Who has been cast as a character in the newly released movie, "Twilight's Eclipse", who is dating whom in the cast and among them has recently broken up. It must be driving the actors crazy...we know Rob Pattenson isn't thrilled with all the attention he is getting! It is tough to be a megastar these days.

Well, I am not ever going to meet any of them, so I concentrate on coming up with fun and unique Twilight party inspiration, with a bit of Eclipse flavor. These party ideas include decorations, food and party favors...oh, and Twilight games too.

Twilight and Eclipse Party Games

The latest unique Twilight game idea I've seen is the Vampire and Werewolf Chess Set. The pieces aren't really the Twilight characters, but close enough for me. Other game party game ideas include a Twilight board game, Twilight bingo and the beloved Twilight trivia games. As a Stephenie Meyer obsessed fan, I can answer most trivia questions I come across. It's a great way to start off a party, especially when Twilight is the theme.

Now go to the really big

Twilight Eclipse party ideas page! That's if you want more Twilight's Eclipse party ideas. If you are looking for more themes than Twilight, Go FromTwilight Party Ideas Eclipse to Party Ideas Parade Home

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