Tweety Bird Painted On A Pumpkin

by Jillian The Pumpkin Queen
(Edison, New Jersey, The Garden State, USA)

Tweety Bird Painted On A Pumpkin

Tweety Bird Painted On A Pumpkin

Love Tweety Bird? We found a Tweety Bird painted on a pumpkin! He is way to cute, don't you agree?

This painted Cucurbitaceae was out on display at the Giant Pumpkin Carve...that's a fund raising event that's held every year in Salem County, NJ. Next year come on out and have a great day checking out all the amazing pumpkin carvings on display.

My daughter in law loves fact, my Grandson's bedroom is decorated with Tweety and his you know this little yellow bird is close to my heart.

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If you have any pictures to share with me...send them on over...I love decorated pumpkins (I don't call myself the Pumpkin Queen for nothing!) and would love to see yours.

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