Tween Party Ideas Party Activites to Jump Start the Party Fun

Tween party ideas or preteen birthday party ideas are sometimes difficult to come up with, not because there is a shortage of them, but because there are so many!

Although the tween years (typically ages nine to twelve) can be a difficult age, their parties do not have to be. As the tweenaged children are at an in-between stage in their lives, many themes can be used for a tween birthday party ideas.

Set the scene with some American Idol or Hannah Montana Party Supplies or party activity kits and your Tween party will be on it's way!

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Add some fun party props to make your preteen birthday party ideas "Come to Life"!

Tween Party Ideas

Here are some Tween party ideas for your next tween party or get together:

  • Home spa party
  • Sleep overs
  • Pool party
  • Camping sleep over
  • Movie star themed (dress as your favorite movie star)
  • Movie theatre party
  • Rock star themed

Whether the tweens want to chill out at home with a movie theatre party idea or go all out with a video making rock star themed party idea, you can accommodate their needs easily. You just need to plan some easy party food ideas and some fun party games and activities to keep everyone happy!

Fun Party Activities for Tweens

Tweens can be entertained through many fun party activities, such as:

  • Make funky flip flops
  • Make cool, personalized jewelry
  • Make cute purses
  • An at-home scavenger hunt
  • A movie trivia contest
  • Go bowling
  • Go to a mini-golf course
  • Go swimming
  • Cook their own dinner and/or snacks
  • Make their own music videos for their favorite songs (for the Rock Star party)

With so many people owning video cameras the tween party can come to life! You can make a karaoke video (Just get out the old karaoke machine or borrow one!) and take videos of the kids performing. Then have a movie fest showing the kids their own acts! Kids and tween really have lots of fun with the music video idea.

Whether it's Hannah Montana or American Idol your unique party ideas can add a spark of fun to your tweens party! They can dress up, put on make up, fix their hair, and jam to their favorite music. You can also copy the homemade music video of the tweens as a party favor for the guests (which can be used to show their future boyfriends and girlfriends in place of embarrassing pictures).

Always remember to send Party Thank You notes to all your party guests! It's a special way to thank everyone who helped make your party a success and let's them know how special they are!

For more tween birthday party ideas (preteen birthday party ideas) check out Birthday ideas for kids!

New Tween Party Activity Idea

Here's an interesting party activity from Mary at Scanner Magic. This entire site is filled with unique craft activity ideas for a tween party. It's different from any other site I have seen. You will be the first to see these New Scanner Party Fun Ideas!

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