Mr Turtle Party Supplies - Kids Birthday Turtle Theme

These Mr Turtle Party Supplies Are One Of The Newest Additions To The Long List Of Kids Birthday Party Ideas Themes.

Here's a picture of these cute turtle party supplies - Meet Mr Turtle! These turtle decorated party supplies come in a 1st birthday pattern, a plain birthday pattern that's good for any age child and even a baby shower pattern.

Click Here To See Mr Turtle Baby Shower Party Supplies.

It's a very cute pattern for a kid's birthday party theme. Take a look at how cute the favor box and the favors it comes with are! I just love the Crab Squirter Toy...I think they are my favorite.

Party supplies in new theme patterns are fun to host. It is nice to be able to change the themes of your celebrations and it's fun to be among the first to use a new party supply pattern. That goes double when the pattern is as cute as this Mr Turtle one.

Turtle Party Ideas - Games For Kids

Mr Turtle party supplies help bring your party ideas and theme to life. The turtle theme just happens to be an easy kids party theme to plan games for.

Start off by having a turtle race...find the fastest team of turtle. But make it fun by adding a turtle shell to each of the contestants. Turtle racing would make a great relay race game.

The Mr Turtle Relay Race

Form 2 teams, plan a race course that has a special task involved. For instance, in the middle of the track have a bucket and a bowl. Fill the bucket with hard boiled eggs that have been dyed green...yep, they are turtle eggs. Add a large spoon to the bucket. This relay race challenge will be to get all the Turtle Eggs from the bucket to the bowl. And then each contestant will rush back to the start line, take off the turtle shell you have made. The next runner puts on the turtle shell, rushes to the middle of the race course and transfers all the "Turtle Eggs" from the bowl to the bucket. No hands allowed...the teams can only touch the eggs with the spoons.

What should you use for the turtle shell? You can make a turtle shell with card board and string. Punch a hole on either side of the cardboard. Put some string or thin rope into the holes and knot them on either end. Then decorate the cardboard with some green paint. You can use a damp sponge to dip into the paints and dab on the cardboard. Every dab, use a different color green. Dab the entire cardboard, you can even paint both sides if you like. Now, that's an easy way to make your own game prop and provide a fun and inexpensive game for the kids.

Mr Turtle Says

Play Simon Says...but change Simon to Mr Turtle. The kids can only do what Mr Turtle Says!

Mr Turtle Bowling

Fill empty plastic bottles with sand and glue the tops on. Paint the bottles with green paint and add some turtle stickers to really make them look cool. Set up your Turtle bottles in a triangle and let the kids roll a medium sized ball at them. The point is to knock all the Turtle bottles over.

Kids party games don't have to be new...the old classics work just fine when you add a little twist to them. Plan your games according to the ages of your party guests. Young children don't need any games at all...coloring, freeze dance, or tag are also good party ideas you can use.

There are some cute balloons and centerpiece ideas on the Mr Turtle party supplies page. Check out the mylar balloons and the polka dot latex ones...very, very cute!

You can also find some fun coloring pages with turtles on them. Print them out and give them to your young party guests to color. Make sure to gather up lots of different green crayons. Of course, turtles aren't only green, so make sure you have different colors for the kids to choose from. I think coloring pages are one of the best kid's party ideas ever. They are easy and fun!

Here's Some Free Turtle Coloring Pages For You!

Fun And Easy Turtle Theme Party Craft Ideas

Turtle party crafts are always a fun activity to entertain the kids at your party. I found a really fun and easy craft kit for kids and it has a turtle theme. Here they it is!

This Color A Turtle Plush Craft is the perfect craft or party favor for a Turtle themed kid's party. It comes with a stuffed turtle and several colored markers so each child has their own kit. The markers come in yellow, red, blue, and green. Imagine how excited your party guests will be when they see this fun project for them to decorate. It is the ideal craft project to match your turtle party supplies!

Turtle Party Supplies

Of course you will need some fun party supplies and decorations, and when it's turtle theme party supplies you need, they are easy to find. One click takes you into an online party supplies store where you can find lots of great kid party accessories. Take a look at this Sea Turtle personalized standee.

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