Turkey Cupcakes Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas...Turkey Cupcakes! You can decorate cupcakes and make them look like turkeys. It's fun, it's easy and kids love to decorate cupcakes...so let the family help you make this cute dessert.

It's so simple to make a turkey on a cupcake...in fact the tools you need to create this bird on your baked goodies are:

  • candy corn pieces
  • large gumdrops
  • red gum drops
That's just to make the birds...you will also need cupcakes and frosting.

Take a look at our Cupcake Picture to see how these fun Thanksgiving Turkey desserts should look!

Turkey Cupcakes - It's easy to bake and decorate turkey cupcakes with these easy cupcake decorating ideas.

Frost the cupcakes, put one large gum drop in the center...that's the body of the turkey.

Add five or so candy corn pieces behind it pointy side up...those are the turkey feathers.

Using a dab of frosting as glue stick on a candy corn...with the pointy side sticking off the front...that's the beak.

The smaller red gum drops have to be cut into strips. Stick one strip under the candy corn beak and it becomes the "wattle"...you know, the thing that hangs off the turkey's chin...yes, that is called the wattle.

See the exact details to use when making these fun cupcakes that look like a turkey to grace your Thanksgiving table as dessert...everyone is going to love them!

Turkey Cupcakes Are Easy and Fun To Make...Look!

There are several different ways to decorate turkey cupcakes and one of them is found at Betty Crocker...you all know her...her cupcake turkeys are also made with candy corn but she adds only sprinkles...no gum drops. It's another easy and quick way to make cupcakes for Thanksgiving.

Another way to make a turkey out of a cupcake using our cupcake decorating ideas

More Cupcake Turkeys.

It's easy to make fun desserts for birthday parties, holiday dinners or any time of the year when you know how. Use everyday candies as decorations...look how easily candy corn becomes a beak or a feather...a gum drop becomes a body...pretzels and string licorice can becomes arms and legs...white frosting and chocolate chips make great eyes...it's easy once you start thinking about it...so go and create some fabulous cupcakes for your family.

We have several pages where you can get some ideas for this most Thankful holiday...Supplies and Ideas is one of them. It has plenty of links to take you to pages where you will find ECards -Greeting Cards

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  • From our family to yours...Have A Happy Thanksgiving!

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