Printable Trivia Questions

Printable Trivia Questions are the perfect party games. They are entertaining, challenging and fun. Quizzes can be found about all different topics. Check out our A to Z list for quizzes on your favorite subjects. These fact finding quiz games are the ideal ice breaker game to use to warm your guests up. Hand out silly game prizes to the winners. Have party game fun with the following fun printable questions about interesting topics.

Printable Picnic Games for Adults Pack

Make Some Trivia Game Rules

Take a look at all the quizzes and other printable party games you can supply to your guests. Get those game prizes ready! There are several ways to play your games.

1. Form teams...that's always lots of fun. You can make two or three teams depending on how many guests you have.

2. Give each team a noise maker and have them alert you that they want to answer...kind of like a game show buzzer...but you get to decide what it is. Get kazoos or pots and spoons for each team to bang on when they want to answer the question.

3. Let the first person who yells out or raises their hand answer the question.

I know I tend to yell out quite a bit...even when it is the other team's turn, so you might want to enforce a rule that stops people like me from trying to answer all the questions! (I can't help it...I get excited...I love to play party games!)

Fun Printable Party Game Ideas

For summer find the BBQ quizzes. These fun filled games give you several choices...or you can buy the bunch. Choose from games like:

  • BBQ Activities: BBQ Roundup Scavenger Hunt
  • BBQ Ideas For Kids: What's Wrong With This Burger? Left-Right
  • BBQ Games: Multiple Choice Fast Food quiz game
  • BBQ Game: Some Like It Hot Spicy Food Quiz
Find the individual games you need, or check out the bundle with a
BBQ Party Games Bargain Bundle
There are also beer and food trivia games in that bunch.

Birthday Trivia questions and games are always a great way to start the party off with a bang. Choose from 50th, 40th or 30th birthday game bundles or choose individual birthday party games your adult guests will enjoy. It's fun to play and answer these printable fact finding questions. Find games like:
  • Milestone Memories
  • 50th Birthday game: 1960 News Trivia
  • 50th Birthday game: Happy Birthday In Any Language
  • 30th Birthday Game: The Code Word Is...
  • 30th Birthday Game: My Wish Is Your Command
  • 40th Birthday VIP Scavenger Hunt
  • 40th Birthday Humor: True or False game
50th Birthday games Bargain Pack of Ten

You get the milestone birthday games picture, right? Choose from one or all of these funny party games and help celebrate someone's milestone...Over the Hill...birthday.

Camping Quizzes and printable questions are a wonderful way to have some fun with your kids and family when you are on a camping trip...or these printable games are fun to send to sleep over camp with the kids. Get printable questions and games like:

  • Outdoor camping games: Camping Olympics
  • Camping activities: Cute Critters Trivia Game
  • Fun camping activities: Camp-Tastic Mad Libs game
These funny games also make great sleep over party games. Pick one or pick a bundle!

Printable Games for Camping bargain pack of 16

Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Trivia Quiz Questions

You can find more holiday and party trivia questions and quizzes by clicking on the following links. There are so many ideas and themes to choose from. Remember, the more games the better...that's my theory when I am planning a party! Choose one game or a bundle of them, it's all up to you. Each link will take you to hundreds of fun printable games.

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