Treasure Hunting Games

Treasure hunting games are fun! Treasure Hunt is one game that can keep kids occupied at a party. When you have a bunch of kids over you need fun games to keep them occupied and finding a hidden store of riches is certainly a fun party game. Kids always want to explore and enjoy a search and treasure hunt is one way to fulfill both of those tendencies. It's also an inexpensive party game, but one filled with mystery....where is it...and excitment..."Look what I found!" It's a great game for an indoor party or an outdoor one. It also doesn't matter how many, or how few kids are playing.

This adventurous searching game also fits right in with any party theme! It doesn't matter if you call it a Dino Dig at a Dinosaur party or Find it, Fix it at a Handy Manny party, Stolen Jewels at a Princess party or even if you use a map with an X marking the spot at a Pirate's all good fun the kids will enjoy. Use props to fit the party the special map where X marks the spot or a hidden cache of Royal Jewels...and let the kids seek the prize out.

You can divide your guests into teams who can work together to find the hidden goodies or you can let each child search on their own...make sure you've got a prize for everyone who participates. You can make a map, give out clues, or let everyone search without any clues at matter what it will be a fun party game that kids will enjoy playing again, and again. Be sure to take some photos of the hunt...everyone will want to see them before the party is over! A classic party game that's here to stay!

It just goes to show you that "Classic" party games are classic for a reason. They have proved themselves to be fun and worthy of lasting for years and years because they provide fun and bring laughter to party goers everywhere! Just because a party game is old, it doesn't mean it isn't lots of fun to fact, it's probably the opposite that is true!

Make sure to send a photo to each of the party guests along with your Thank You cards! What a wonderful party favor that will be.

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