Transformer Party Ideas

Transformer Party Ideas are great for kids of all ages. Transformer parties are also easy for you, Mom. There are plenty of decoration and game ideas for you to choose from.

Transformer Party Ideas are good for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Play date parties
  • Sleepover parties

Children know the Tranformers through the TV shows and the Movies that are out. It's always a popular kids party theme, and it's a fun party to plan.

Wow...there are some great Tranformer costumes out this year. The perfect Halloween costume idea for a Transformers fan! This costume is Optimus Prime...I wonder if they have Bumblebee? He is my son's favorite!

Who Are The Transformers?

Every Transformer fan knows that these guys really work as a team. They are aliens who can change into other things, like a car, a boom box or a truck. Each of the Transformers team has a different color to help us recognize them. The Transformers Characters are:

  • Bumblebee-Chevy Camaro-black and yellow
  • Optimus Prime-Peterbilt Truck-red and blue
  • Jazz-Pontiac Solstice-silver
  • Ironhide-GMC TopKick C4500 Pick Up-black
  • Ratchet-AM General Hummer H2-yellow and red

The bad guys are the Decepticons and they are: Megatron, Starscream, Frenzy, Barricade, Bonecrusher, Devastator, Blackout and AllSpark. The Transformers save the Earth from the evil Decepticons. It's a movie kids love to watch and that's why it's also a good party theme.

Transformer Party Invitations

Start your party theme right from the start with some Transformer party invitations! They are easy to find in a neighborhood store or online. You can buy them or you might even decide to make your own party invitations. It's easy and there are several ways to do it.

Cut out Transformer comics and paste them onto construction paper

Get some Transformer stickers and stick them onto construction paper

If you can draw or trace, you can put that onto your construction paper card. Write in your party information... Make sure to put the following information on your invites:

Who the party is for
When the party is...time and date
What time it's over
Where the party is
RSVP by a certain date
Phone number

the RSVP and phone number are important to help you get a count of the guests who will be coming to your party.

There's that Bumblebee costume I was wondering about. It's cute...looks just like him!

Transformers Party Decorations

Find all your kids trucks and cars that Transform and use them as party decorations. Print out some pictures online or cut them out of magazines and comic books. Be sure to get lots of helium filled latex balloons. ( Why? Because they are cheap party decorations!) Glue some Truck and Car Transformer pictures on them and let them float around the room, or tie them in groups of two and put on the backs of your party chairs.

You can make your own party centerpiece using a picture of one of the Transformers. Glue this picture onto a balloon and weight the balloon down by tying it's string onto something to weigh it down. You can use something as simple as a party cup with some rocks or candy in it as a weight.

Transformers Party Game Ideas

What kind of page called Transformers Party Ideas would be complete without some party game ideas? Fun party games are the most important part of party planning! Get a Transformers poster and make your own party game along the same lines as Pin the Tail on the a Transformers sort of way.

Transformers Toss...Let the kids throw a soft nerf truck into a bucket or a box. You can decorate the outside of the box with some wrapping paper or you can draw a Transformer right on the box. You can also glue Transformer pictures onto sponges and use them to toss.

Transformers Scavenger Hunt...Mom, you hide Transformer stuff all over the party room and let the kids have a scavenger/treasure hunt to find it. Why not put Transformer toys or colors into little plastic eggs for the kids to find.

Party Activity Ideas

  • Transformers Micro Models
  • Make Transformers out of Lego's
  • Get a Transformers coloring book and let everyone color
  • Print Transformers coloring pages online to color
  • Use Transformers temporary tattoos
  • Fill a Transformers Pinata with lots of fun toys and goodies

Imagine how great this Transformers Cake Topper would look on your homemade birthday cake!

Transformer Cakes

You can make a cake yourself! Learn the secret of decorating your own homemade cake. Use a Transformer cake topper! You can find them in plastic or you can buy an edible one. Just frost your homemade cake and put the cake topper right on top! It's that easy to make your own party cake. These cake toppers are inexpensive and really easy to use, so you can save a lot of money.

Transformer Party Favors

There are so many ideas for party favors for a Transformer Party.

  • Transformer Trucks and Cars
  • Stickers
  • Coloring Pages
A neat party pack I found has The Transformers Party Favor Kit for 1 guest includes:

(1) Transformers Treat Bag (1) Transformers Micro Model (1) Transformers 2-piece Mask (1) Transformers Sticker sheet (1) Blue Glow Necklace* in it. You can find it at Buy Costumes. Check out the picture of it below.

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