Traditional Easter Egg Games And Hunts

Traditional Easter Egg Games And Hunts Are A Perfect Match With Your Easter Party Ideas. Get Hopping On Those Party Plans, Easter's On It's Way!

When it comes to Easter and game ideas, eggs just pop into my mind. The most popular game for this party theme is an egg hunt and you can plan a fun hunt several different ways. The traditional egg hunt begins with hard boiled and dyed eggs. These eggs are hidden throughout the backyard and kids are sent out with bags or baskets to seek out and gather as many hard boiled eggs as they can. Easy, simple to plan and lots of fun for everyone. Some folks add some candy and novelty toy items to hide along with the eggs. That is the most well-known of all the traditional Easter egg games of all.

Here are some very cute Easter Bunny party supplies so you can set a great table after your traditional Easter egg games.

Easter Party Standard Box

If you want to plan a scavenger hunt that involves eggs you have to come up with a scavenger list. A scavenger hunt usually involves a list of things that individual players or teams have to find and bring back to the starting point. Some scavenger hunts are photo hunts and the teams have to take pictures of each item on the scavenger hunt list. Some scavenger hunts start out with clues that lead to other clues that lead to the items the teams must collect and bring back to home base. These games are all fun, but they involve more work than I am willing to put into this stuff around the Easter holiday...because I am busy making the baskets, cooking the dinner and dyeing the eggs with my kids...the eggs I am going to hide in the yard for our simple, easy and fun Easter egg hunt.

Easter Twist And Bend Game

Here's a fun twist and bend game kids will enjoy playing. It comes with a colorful mat and a spinner. Each child gets a turn, they spin the spinner and must put a hand or foot where the spinner tells them. It's fun and this one has an Easter theme, so make this fun game one of your traditional Easter games.

Easter Bean Bag Game - Carnival Games For Easter

The Bean Bag Game is an old favorite game and you can usually find it at a Carnival theme party, but here is a Bean Bag with an Easter Bunny and Chicks on it. Toss the bean bags into the holes on the board and give whoever gets one in a prize. Bean Bag Toss games are fun and would really enhance your Easter party ideas.

Another take on the bean bag game is this Easter Disc Toss Game. It's played the same way the bean bag toss is but with plastic discs taking the place of the bean bags. The discs are flower shapes and they are very cute.

Easter Rubber Duckie Game Prizes

These Easter Rubber Duckie toys make a great game prize when you are playing Easter Games. Have fun, play some great games and give out some fun, fun game prizes! The Rubber Duckies also make great party favor ideas...they are cute as can be. The ducks are disguised as bunnies, lambs and chicks.

Bunny Ring Toss Game

Do you know how to play the Bunny Ring Toss Game? Each child gets to toss the rings onto the rabbit ears. There are 4 bunnies on a wood stand and you get 4 plastic rings in pretty pastel colors. It's a great party game for kids at an Easter party or a summer carnival.

The Egg-citing Egg And Spoon Race Game

What's so egg-citing about the egg and spoon race game? It's an old time favorite game that's tons of fun for kids and adults alike, in other words, it's one of the real traditional Easter egg games. The idea is to form two teams and plan a race course with a mid-point. Each team member must balance an egg on a spoon, walk or run as fast as they can to the mid-point, circle it and head back to hand off the spoon and egg to the next player. There are six eggs and six wooden spoons, that's more than enough for you to plan a fun game, one that's one of the first of the traditional Easter egg games we know today.

Bunny Darts

Easter Bunny Darts are another fun game to entertain the kids at your Easter party. This dart board comes with Easter Bunny Dartboard comes with a 20 1/2" foam board with egg shaped targets...the board and targets have a grip surface. It also comes with 4 tricot balls. Throw those balls at the dart board and score some points by hitting the targets with the balls. Eggcellent Easter party game idea to combine with your more traditional Easter game ideas. It's not one of the traditional Easter egg games, but it can become a traditional game at your Easter party.

Printable Easter Party Games For Kids

If you want even more fun at your Easter party, try these printable Easter party games for kids. The printable games include a game that is very, very popular at Easter time...Printable Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues

There is also:

  • An Easter Trivia Game
  • A Left-Right Game
  • A Bunny Tail Tale
  • According to Peter Left-Right
  • Bible Characters Match
  • Bible Scavenger Hunt
  • Easter Bible Trivia 1 and 2
  • Easter Crossword Puzzle
  • Easter Egg Hunt - The Most Famous Of All Traditional Easter Egg Games

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Hippity Hoppity Bunny Hop Potato Sack Race

The Hippity Hoppity Bunny Hop Potato Sack Race is a fun, outdoors kids party game that will be a welcome addition to your Easter Egg Hunt ideas. Give each kid a potato sack and bring them over to the start line. Help each child get into the Bunny Hop Potato Sack and stand them at the start line. Yell start, and watch the kids hop to the finish line. The first one over the finish line wins. Make the race interesting by making them hop around the finish line and head back to the start line. It's all fun in a Bunny Hop Race!

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