Toy Story Party Games For Kids

Toy Story Party Games for kids are just what you need if Toy Story 3 is going to be your next kids birthday party theme. Kids party games are one of the most important facets of a child's birthday celebration. Party games and activities keep your birthday child and your party guests entertained and happy during the birthday party. It's always good to plan one or two extra games or activities for your party guests. Just in case!

Toy Story LEGO Toys

Toy Story LEGO toys will certainly keep everyone at your party occupied, so if you have a LEGO set with a Toy Story theme, get it out! LEGO makes several kits that relate to this kids party theme. They are:

  • Buzz’s Star Command Spaceship
  • Construct-a-Buzz
  • Construct-a-Zurg
  • LEGO® Brand Toy Story™ Alien Key Chain
  • LEGO® Brand Toy Story™ Buzz Lightyear Key Chain
  • LEGO® Brand Toy Story™ Jessie Key Chain
  • LEGO® Brand Toy Story™ Magnet Set: Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Little Green Alien
  • LEGO® Brand Toy Story™ Woody Key Chain
  • Woody and Buzz to the Rescue
  • Woody’s Roundup!

Some of these LEGO kits are expensive but the key chain kits are only about 10.00. I know it's quite a bit of money for a child's birthday party favor, but if you have about that much money in your budget for each child's party favors, you may consider buying each guest a LEGO Keychain Kit as your Toy Story Party favors! We all know how much kids love LEGOs so this is guarenteed to be a great party favor idea. Don't worry. If that is too much money for you to think about spending on a party favor there are plenty of other great ideas you can find at Toy Story party favors. What I liked about the keychains was they double as a fun party activity and a party favor. Check the LEGO website...they might just have a special!

I know the LEGOs aren't really Toy Story party games, but they will be fun if you can find them at an affordable price)

Toy Story Characters Give Us Fun Party Game Ideas!

Get some fun Toy Story party games and activity ideas right from the Toy Story characters and movies. You know how much fun Pin the Tail on the Donkey is for kids...well, give it a little twist and make it Pin the Tail on Rex. It's easy enough to draw a dinosaur and cut out dinosaur tails. Use some double sided tape on each tail so your guests can stick the tail on Rex the dinosaur's body. The one who puts the tail closest to where it should go is the winner. Of course, you can give everyone who plays a prize of stickers or tattoos. If you cannot make your own Rex try to find a picture online, in a Toy Story coloring book or a poster store. It's easy to make fun kids party games when you use a little bit of imagination and some materials you have on hand.

Make A Bean Bag Toss Game

You can make your own Toy Story bean bag toss game using a cardboard box or a Toy Story tablecloth. Just cut holes into a cardboard box and then cover it with some colorful paper. Tape picture of Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, The Squeeze Toy Aliens, Mr. Potato Head or any of the other Toy Story characters near the holes. Give the kids sponges or bean bags to toss into the holes. One point for each throw that gets into the holes. The winner is the child with the high score and they get a prize! If you have some Toy Story beanie toys you can use them as your bean bags! You can also tape or glue some pictures of the Toy Story characters onto your sponges to give them a realistic look. It's an inexpensive, but fun, party game.

Here is a link to get a Toy Story Table Cloth if you would like one to use when you make your own Toy Story party games.

Free, Printable Toy Story Coloring Pages

Get some free printable Toy Story coloring pages from one of the many coloring page sites that are available through a Google search. Or use the one I have have right here. I am sure you can find the perfect kids coloring pages from this site. There are 80 free coloring pages from Toy Story you can print out, so you should be able to find all the Toy Story characters including your child's favorite Toy Story character. You can print out some extra coloring pages of your favorite characters and add some to each child's goodie bag. Free party favors are not always easy to come by, so take advantage of these!

Find Free, Printable Toy Story coloring pages.

With 80 free coloring pages from Toy Story to choose from you will find most of the characters from all three movies, including:

  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Woody
  • Jessie
  • Bullseye
  • Rex
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Squeeze Toy Aliens
  • Slinky Dog
  • Hamm
  • Emperor Zurg

Mr. Potato Head Game

Make a Mr. Potato Head game using real potatoes and some Make A Face Stickers. I found some cute pumpkin make a face stickers at my favorite online craft store The Oriental Trading Company. If you want to see them click on that link and type in "make a face stickers". You will see the listing come up. These stickers cost about 5.00 so it's an inexpensive way to create a unique and fun party game for kids. You can also let each child bring his special Toy Story potato head home in a party goodie bag! Kids like silly Toy Story party games like this one.

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Pinata

Get a to entertain your party guests. Kids love the pinata game and this Toy Story pinata is safe because it's a pull string model. Just fill it with some goodies and give each child a turn pulling a string to see which one will break open the pinata so the goodies spill out. Look out for the mad dash that will ensue as the kids scramble to collect as many treats as they can! This is one of the most fun Toy Story party games there is. Everyone has lots of fun playing with a safe, pull string pinata.

Squeeze Toy Aliens Party Game

My son loves the Squeeze Toy Aliens so we made a "Claw" game using sand, a salad tongs (the kind that is two serving spoons in one)and some Toy Story cupcake topper rings. We buried the rings in a bucket of sand, but we didn't use all that much sand. We let the kids each take turns trying to find the rings with the salad tongs. It was lots of fun, but it is a game for outdoors...unless you put the bucket in a box to keep the sand off your floors.

While you are at it, you might want to order a pack of these cupcake topper rings for your cupcakes. Just bake your own and frost them. Then set the cupcake topper rings on top and you are done.

Toy Story Topper Rings For Games and Cupcakes

You can find these cupcake rings at and there is a much bigger picture of them so you can actually see what they look like! They are one of our favorite online party supplies catalogs and you will enjoy looking over the fun products for Toy Story parties they carry.

More Fun Toy Story Party Games

There are many good ideas you can use for your Toy Story party games. Think of a scavenger hunt using Toy Story hints. Why not play Simon Says...but turn it into another one of those Toy Story party games by calling it "Buzz Lightyear Says" or "Woody Says".

Relay Races can be used as more Toy Story party games by calling them " The Race To Infinite and Beyond". Form two teams. Decide upon a start line and a mid-point. The finish line will be back at the start line. Use the old kids party game of the spoon and the egg race, but let the last kid throw the egg to see who can get to Infinite. Or use cans on a fence to see which team can know over the Buzz Lightyear Space's really fun to make up your own Toy Story party games, or any theme kids party games.

Using stuff you already have and a little bit of imagination can actually take your party ideas To Infinite and Beyond!

Use that imagination to come up with a great Toy Story party food ideas too. Here's where you can find some fun kids party food ideas to start you off.

Toy Story Costumes

Why not dress up as Jessie for your kids Toy Story birthday party. Let Dad dress up as Woody. The kids will love your costumes and it will be fun for everyone. These Toy Story costumes are brand new for 2010, so you can be the first ones to have them!


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