Toy Story Party Food Ideas Kids Will Love

Toy Story Party Food Ideas kids will love are easy to come up with. First, think about your child's favorite foods. What comes to mind? Burgers, hot dogs, pizza? Well then, there are three good kids party food ideas you can use. That wasnt' difficult at all, was it Mom?

To Infinite and Beyond Pizza is pizza you top yourself. Put out some pepperoni, some olives, peppers and a few other favorite pizza toppings. Let each child make his own special pizza. You can buy the single serve pizzas, let each child make up his own special one with his or her favorite toppings and then bake them in the oven...or you can buy regular sized pizzas from your local pizzaria.

Hot Dogs are the perfect kids birthday party food. Wrap the dogs up in cresent roll dough and bake them for the 10 or 12 minutes the dough mix suggests. These can be Hamm in a blanket...named for that cute little piggy bank character from Toy Story the movie.

Make Macaroni and Cheese...another favorite kids party food idea and call it Woody's Mac and Cheese. See how easy it is to come up with some fun kids party food ideas. Just give your regular party food a new name. It is just fun to pretend that these foods are extra special because they have new names.

Toy Story Party Food Birthday Cake Ideas

When we are talking Toy Story party food, let's not forget the most important part of all...the birthday cake. You can make your own Toy Story birthday cake by using the specialty cake pan that is available. You can also use the Toy Story cake topper kit. That's my favorite way to decorate a birthday cake. It's very easy. You simply bake and frost your cake and then place the cake toppers on top. Simple, easy and fun...did I mention quick? It's a very quick way to decorate your homemade cake.

Another easy birthday cake idea is to make cupcakes, frost them and decorate them with the plastic cupcake topper rings. It's cheap, easy and cupcakes are the perfect size for kids. Plus, the kids get to keep their plastic cupcake topper is, after all, a ring they can wear. Each ring has a Toy Story character on it.

Got A Good Kids Party Food Idea? Share It With Us!

So there you go with some fun Toy Story party food ideas. You can come up with more of you own. How about mixing up a smoothie drink. Call it Jesse Juice or Woody's Wonder Drink. Ice cream Sundaes can become Infinite Ice Cream Specials. Make some Deviled Eggs and use small bits of black olives as eyes. They can be Squeeze Toy Alien Eggs.

Now, go get that list of your child's favorite foods and see what Toy Story party food names and ideas you can come up with. If you get some really good ideas we would love it if you would share them with us! We are always on the look out for a good party idea!

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