Toy Story Party Favors For A Toy Story 3-D Party

Toy Story party favors and Toy Story party supplies are going to be the most costly purchases you make when you host a kids birthday party with Toy Story as the theme. With a new movie due out soon, this is going to be one popular kids birthday theme. So let's get to work and find the games, food, and fun ideas you will need to plan your child's birthday celebration! This page will show you the fun party favor ideas there are with a Buzz and Woody Toy Story theme.

Here is the most popular choice for Toy Story party favors. It's a party favor box filled with Toy Story 3 goodies every kids at your party will be very happy to get. This comes with a box and party favors. You have to do a little bit of assembly with it. Fold the box together and fill it with the party favors that come with it. These favors are:

  • Toy Story 3 foam glider
  • Toy Story 3 sticker sheet
  • Toy Story 3 backpack clip
  • Toy Story 3 blowout toy
  • A Laser Spinner

Some hostesses like to choose their own party favors. So if you don't want to buy a pre-packed party box here are a few of my favorite Toy Story party favors for you to choose from.

Buzz Lightyear Glider Party Favors

My favorite is the Toy Story Glider party favor. Just take a look at this colorful foam glider. The kids at your Toy Story party will be able to fly Buzz Lightyear to Infinity and Beyond with this fun foam glider. It has Buzz right on there. Take a look at how cute these are. Your guests will really enjoy this flying party favor!

Tattoo Party Favors

Temporary Tattoos make great party favors for kids! Just take a look at these Toy Story Tattoos and imagine how much fun your guests will have applying and wearing these cute and colorful tattoos. They will feel like party of the fun cast of characters from Toy Story 3. Look at these pictures of Woody, Buzz and the Aliens on these tattoo sheets. Temporary tattoos are a cheap way to give your guests a fun party favor. Let them put some on at the party and send a couple of the temporary tats home with them too.

Alien Cone Hat Party Favors

In Toy Story the squeeze toy Aliens are such cute little characters. Remember how they were in the Claw machine and believed that the Claw will choose one of them to go to a better place...don't you think your guests will be thrilled to get an Alien cone hat as a party favor? Take a look at how cute this cone party hat is...I love it.

Toy Story 3 Backpack Clips As Party Favors

Toy Story 3 Backpack Clips are a fun party favor for kids. So what if your child has a backpack or not, you can clip this Buzz Lightyear onto just about anything. Pants looks, jacket zippers, you name it. I am sure your child and the guests at the Toy Story party will figure out a really cool place to clip their Buzz Lightyear clip to.

Toy Story 3 Stickers

Another favorite party favor kids just love to get are stickers! These Toy Story 3 sticker sheets have Buzz, Woody and the Aliens on them. Your party guests will get a kick out of these. Next week in school, these stickers will be on everyone's notebooks.

Buzz Lightyear Crazy Straws

Kids love those silly crazy straws and the Buzz Lightyear Crazy Straws make a really fun party favor for kids. These straws have pictures of Buzz, the Squeeze Toy Aliens and Commander Zorg on them. Any fan of this kids party theme will enjoy one of these crazy straws. Why do kids like them so much? Just because they are so silly!

Party favors are an important accessory at a kids birthday party. These little favors say "Thank You" to each of your guests for attending your child's birthday celebration. Fun is what a birthday party is all about and party favors are fun to get! Be sure to include some of these Toy Story party favor ideas in your party supply list.

You can find more party ideas and accessories to help make your Toy Story 3 party ideas complete at Toy Story 3 birthday party.

Hopefully you found the perfect Toy Story party favors on this page. If you are looking for party supplies, party games or party food ideas just click on any of our links to find some more fun party ideas that will help you!

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