Toy Story Birthday Party

Are you considering a Toy Story Birthday Party for your child?

If Toy Story 3 is the perfect kids birthday party theme for your child then you are going to want to know what party supplies you can find to decorate your party room.

Buzz Lightyear Thank-You Notes (8)

Toy Story 3 - 3D Basic Party Pack

Toy Story 3 - 3D Centerpiece

These festive party supplies are perfect for your kids Toy Story birthday party!

Buzz Lightyear Personalized Birthday Banner

Start off with the Buzz Lightyear Personalized Birthday Banner. Kids love to have their own name on a birthday banner and it's even more thrilling if Buzz Lightyear is on there too. Add some colorful helium filled latex balloons and a Toy Story Gang Mylar Balloon will make a great looking balloon bouquet or take the balloons and tie them to all your party chairs.

Buzz Lightyear Personalized Birthday Banner Large 30" x 100"

Buzz Lightyear Personalized Birthday Banner Medium 24" x 80"

Buzz Lightyear Personalized Birthday Banner Standard 18" x 61"

What a way to decorate the entrance of your Toy Story birthday party!

Toy Story Pull String Pinata

A great way to start off the fun at a kids party is with some fun games. There is a Toy Story Pinata, it's a pull string pinata and it is the perfect kids party game. Get some pinata fillers, put them into your pull string pinata and let all the kids take turns pulling strings until someone finds the "special string" that breaks open the pinata and spills out those goodies! I like pull string pinatas for a kids birthday party because it is a safe way for them to have all the fun that comes with playing the pinata game.

Toy Story Personalized Birthday Banner Medium 24" x 80"

Toy Story Personalized Birthday Banner Standard 18" x 61"

Toy Story Pinata

This pull string Toy Story pinata is a great game for your Toy Story birthday party.

Toy Story Party Favors

You will find a Toy Story party favors in boxes filled with lots of fun party favors kids will enjoy. These party favor boxes do need a little bit of assembly, but they are worth the small effort it takes. Fold your box together and fill it with the favors that come with this package. The kids will swear that Buzz and Woody are at the party with them when they see these fun favors.

Toy Story 3 Foam Gliders (4)

Toy Story 3 Invitations (8)

Toy Story 3 Party Favor Box

The favors are a Toy Story 3 foam glider, a Toy Story 3 sticker sheet, a Toy Story 3 backpack clip, a Toy Story 3 blowout and a laser spinner. Of course, you can also buy some fun favors in individual packages and give them out to your party guests. The foam gliders, the backpack clips, Toy Story temporary tattoos...these are always lots of fun...laser spinners and even some crayons are available for you to choose from. There are even Toy Story 3 Alien Cone Hats you can buy for each guest.

What a great way to say Thank You to the guests at your Toy Story birthday party!

Toy Story Giant Activity Puzzle

Another fun party activity with a Toy Story theme is the Toy Story Giant Activity Puzzle with Jumbo Crayons. You get 12 puzzle pieces. You can hide them and let the kids have a scavenger hunt to find the pieces. Then each child can color one or two. Now it's time to let the kids assemble all the colored pieces to see what the puzzle looks like when it's all put together. This puzzle makes a fun party activity, a great birthday gift for a Toy Story fan or it can even be a fantastic party prize. You also get a box of 8 jumbo sized crayons with this activity puzzle.

Toy Story Gang Foil Balloon

Toy Story Giant Activity Puzzle with Jumbo Crayons

Toy Story Personalized Birthday Banner Large 30" x 100"

This is a fun kids party activity to use at your Toy Story birthday party.

More Toy Story Birthday Party Supplies

Now on with the other party supplies you will need. First, since this is Toy Story 3-D, you do get 3-D glasses with some of these supplies. Check the descriptions before you order online to make sure the glasses are included for each guest and if they don't you can order them separately. Plates, cups, napkins, a tablecloth and a birthday centerpiece all come in Toy Story 3-D. You can find them all with a Toy Story 3 theme.

Buy these party accessories in individual packages or buy a pre packed party pack filled with all the party supplies you will need for up to 8 kids. You can find the party packs in different sizes so there is sure to be one that will fit all your needs. Plus these party packs also contain party invitations. Read each description to find the right pack for you. These party packs also save you some money...there is a money savings when you buy these pre-assembled packs as compared to buying your supplies individually.

Toy Story Cake Ideas

Do you enjoy making your own kids birthday cakes? It is really easy to do when you have a specialty cake pan and there is a Toy Story cake pan. If you can decorate a cake, this is the pan for your Toy Story party.

For those of us who cannot decorate a birthday cake there is a cake topper that is made of plastic. It comes with a Woody figurine your child will want to keep and a Buzz Lightyear standup in 3-D. Each of these pieces is about 3" high and will make your homemade cake look great!

Toy Story 3 Thank-You Notes (8)

Toy Story Cake Pan

Toy Story Cake Topper

There are also some Toy Story cupcake rings to put on top of cupcakes. Kids and cupcakes are great together. Cupcakes are just the right size for those small hands to hold. All you will have to do is bake and frost your cupcakes and then add a plastic ring to each one. After the cupcakes are gone you can rinse off the rings and the kids will have an extra party favor to bring home!

Toy Story Toppers (8)

Toy Story Birthday Party Supplies

So take a look at all of these kids party supplies with a Toy Story 3 theme and pick out what you think you will need to help you decorate your child's birthday party with a Toy Story 3- 3-D party supplies. Woody, Bullseye, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Hamm, Slinky Dog, Mr. Potato Head and Squeeze Toy Aliens will all be on the party supplies so if your child is a Toy Story fan and can't wait until this latest Toy Story movie comes out, this is the party theme for you.

Plan your child's Toy Story birthday party using these fun ideas for party decorations, games and cake decorating and you are sure to have a fun kids party. This is a great theme and you will find more fun game ideas at our Party Games page.

Toy Story Costume Party Ideas

Kids love Toy Story Costumes so why not plan a costume party for your child. I know my grandchildren wear their costumes all year long and I bet your son and daughter do too! Here is a Buzz Lightyear costume for you to look at. You can also find Woody, Jesse, Rex and more of the fun cast of this wonderful kids movie party theme costumes.

These Toy Story Halloween costumes come in infant, childrens, womens and mens sizes. Plus find the costume accessories you need...gloves, hats, space helmet, Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack and even a Candy Cube for your Halloween candy!

So get that party planning list going Mom. With all these fun ideas it's going to be as much fun to plan and decorate for this party as it is to be invited to it. Go and plan a wonderful party with a fun Toy Story Birthday Party Theme for your child's next birthday. Celebrate that little girl or guy's birthday with your family and your friends. Gather all the people you love around for this fun event!

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