Tonka Party Supplies

Tonka party supplies are the perfect decorating accessories to go along with your Construction party ideas. Little boys have been playing with Tonka construction vehicles for decades...and they are still a very popular toy and party theme for kids.

Tonka toys let boys use their imagination. Young boys look at a pile of dirt and see a construction site, or a tall building, or a shopping mall. They see the dirt and see not what it is, but imagine what it can be...with their ideas and their Tonka toy construction vehicles. It's a great boys toy idea...and a terrific party idea too.

You can find some really fun Tonka party supplies to make your party the best ever! Tonka is synomous with Construction, and there are plenty of construction party supplies. Surprise and thrill your young guests with Construction accessories like:

  • Construction Pals Centerpiece
  • Construction Pals Cone Hats
  • Construction Pals Giant Wall Decals
  • Construction Cone Cup
  • Construction Pals Mylar Balloon
  • Construction Pals Personalized Birthday Banner
  • Construction 7" Traffic Signs
  • Construction Pals Placemats
  • Construction Pals Sticker Sheets
Imagine all the party decorating you can accomplish with these party accessories! You can also find some bright colored streamers, latex balloons, Yellow construction hats and some party Zone Kids Tape.

You can find more construction party ideas and supplies at our other page, Tonka birthday party supplies. There are construction vehicle pinatas to play some fun party games with. There is a Cement Truck, a Dump Truck and a John Deere Tractor and this Bulldozer!

Take a look at these wonderful party supplies and turn your child's birthday into a construction celebration! Find some good cake and cupcake decorating ideas to go along with your construction theme. Make some cupcake toppers out of the construction truck sticker. Simply take a tooth pick and a round piece of construction paper. Put a sticker on the circle and glue the paper onto the toothpick. Insert one into each cupcake. Make some name tags for your guests...Bulldozer Bill, Trucker Tom, Cement each one after a truck.

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