Toddler Spiderman Costume Ideas For Your Baby's Halloween Costume

These Toddler Spiderman Costume ideas for your baby's Halloween costume are super cute! Just look at the red and blue of Peter Parker's costume and imagine it on your little guy or girl. One is cuter than the next from the baby bunting to the toddler superhero disguise. Spiderman is everyone's favorite hero and that makes this the perfect costume idea for your toddler.

Here are some fun Spiderman trivia facts for you...your baby won't understand them yet...but you can tell him about this Marvel Comic Superhero as he gets older.

1. How did Peter Parker become Spiderman?

Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider which changed his basic body chemistry.

2. What super abilities does Spider-Man have?

Spider-Man has several super abilities. He can cling to walls, he has superhuman strength, he has a "sixth spider sense" that lets him know when danger is near, he has super-equalibrium and super-balance. Did I mention his super human agility and speed? Plus the new and improved Peter Parker can shoot spider webs from his wrist.

3. Can you name two of Spiderman's enemies?

Here's a few of the bad guys in this superfun comic story:
  • The Green Goblin
  • Venom
  • Dr. Octopus
  • The HobGoblin

4. Who raised Peter Parker?

Peter, after the death of his parents, was raised by his Aunt Mae and Uncle Ben.

5. Who is Peter Parker's and Spidermans girlfriend?

He has a couple of girlfriends, Liz Allan, Betty Brant and Mary Jane Watson...who he ends up marrying!

6. What's the cutest costume for a baby?

The cutest baby costume is the Toddler Spiderman costume!

Well, that's the end of our Spidey facts...hope you enjoyed them and have fun dressing your child up in one of these fun toddler Spiderman costume ideas.

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