Tinkerbell Party Ideas are Fun

Tinkerbell party ideas are perfect for a kids birthday party! Tinkerbell has brought joy to most of us and is ageless! Tink is who we think of when we think the word fairy!

Tinkerbell parties are a blast and not just limited to birthdays. You can use Tinkerbell party ideas for your child’s play dates or a holiday party for the kids.

Look at these terrific Tinker Bell party supplies! There are even some cupcake toppers so you can make Tinker Bell cupcakes (or a Tinkerbelle cake) for the kids!

Tinkerbell Party Ideas for Decorating

Decorate your Tinkerbell get-together with some of the following:

  • Have a Tinkerbell rising from a flower as a centerpiece on your table
  • Have a Tinkerbell “Happy Birthday” banner hung around the party area or personalize the banner with Tink’s very special birthday person’s name
  • Adorn your walls with Tinkerbell pictures as wall decorations
  • Tinkerbell Costumes(and party supplies)

If you are feeling ultra-creative, you can do a little party decorating and bring Tinkerbell’s fairyland to your home. Drape lights and paper Tinkerbells from the ceiling. You can paste pictures of Tinkerbell on balloons (stickers will work too) and let them free float around the room.

Don’t forget the table decorations, such as the Tinkerbell tablecloth, cups, napkins and plates. You can make party centerpieces with two or three mylar balloons and balloon weights that you can make yourself! The table wouldn’t be complete without the Tinkerbell party blowers. You can see the pictures on the top of this page for some great Tinker Bell party supplies and cupcake decorating ideas.

Tinkerbell Party Ideas And Fun Party Games

Tinkerbell party ideas wouldn't be complete without planning some fun party games. Enjoy playing the following Tinkerbell party games and party activities:

  • Pin the wings on Tinkerbell, or pin the star on Tink’s wand..All you need is a picture of Tink and you can make the wings or the stars yourself.
  • Have the party guests create a Tinkerbell wand using silver tubes, stars/confetti and ribbons. You'll need some glue for this party activity!
  • For the older Tinkerbell partier, have a Tinkerbell Trivia game with great Tinkerbell facts (Did you know Tinkerbell was created in the early 1900’s?)
  • Print out free printable coloring pages of Tinkerbell at Tink Fanatic for your party free printable coloring pages needs. Kid's love to color, get your printable Tinkerbell coloring page and give everyone some crayons in their party goodie bag.
  • Fill a Tinkerbell piñata with confetti, stars and candy treats and watch the fairy dust fall
  • Have a contest where the kids draw Tinkerbell

Cupcake Decorating Ideas

What is a party without Tinkerbell treats to eat? There is one dessert that is perfect for a kid's party...Yes...It's kid's birthday cupcakes.

Tinker Bell at The Party Works

What is easier than decorated cupcakes to serve at a kids party? You can create Pixie green cupcakes with pixie dust on top. Pixie dust is just shiny glittery cupcake topping! It's really easy to make and decorate these cupcakes. In the pictures above you can see the cupcake topper that is ...Tinkerbell herself! How easy is it to decorate your party cupcakes with those! Just look below, we've even got some recipes for cupcakes.

Need some easy cupcake recipes?

  • chocolate cupcake recipe
  • vanilla cupcake recipe
  • cupcake frosting recipes

You'll Be Glad You Used Tinkerbell Party Ideas

End the party with fabulous Tinkerbell goodie bags and fill them with Tinkerbell bubble wands, Tinkerbell stickers and Tinkerbell compacts. You can find several great Tinkerbell favors at Birthday Express

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When each guest leaves your marvelous Tinkerbell bash sprinkle pixie dust on them as they go. When you use Tinkerbell Birthday Party Ideas for your child's birthday party your guaranteed the kids will have a great time, lots of fun and your party will get talked about for weeks!

In the weeks before your party, why not put a Tinkerbell screensaver on your computer screen? This way everytime your daughter looks at the computer she will see Tink and be reminded of her party!

Always remember your manners...send out party Thank You notes after your Tinkerbell party!

Need Some Tinker bell Party Gift Ideas?

If your going to a birthday party with a Tinkerbell theme and need a gift idea for your host here are some popular Tinkerbell gift ideas:

  • Pictures of Tinkerbell
  • Tinkerbell Backpacks
  • Tinkerbell Bedroom sets
  • Tinkerbell Jacket

Free Tinkerbell Printable Coloring Pages

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