Tiger Made From Pumpkins Another Amazing Pumpkin Picture

by Jillian The Pumpkin Queen
(Edison, New Jersey, The Garden State, USA)

Amazing Pumpkin Carving and Painting Picture...it's a Tiger made from lots of pumpkins

Amazing Pumpkin Carving and Painting Picture...it's a Tiger made from lots of pumpkins

Have you ever seen a Tiger made from pumpkins? My sister, Joyful, and I went to the Giant Pumpkin Carving fund raising event for Salem County Meals on Wheels this October. It was held at the Salem County Fair Grounds and the over 60 decorated and carved pumpkins were on display in two barns.

We found this amazing Pumpkin Tiger. It is many pumpkins assembled, painted and carved to look like a Tiger and it is pretty amazing. I wonder how much time it took to create this work of art?

Artists arrive early on Saturday morning to carve, paint and decorate pumpkins. They work for hours and finally sometime later in the afternoon the pumpkins are put on display in two barns. This year there were 60 entries...and there were quite a few amazing designs. Individuals and companies can sponsor a pumpkin so if you are feeling charitable and enjoy pumpkins find out how you can participate next year.

The finished pumpkins are judged and prizes are awarded. When the fair is over the large uncarved pumpkins around the fair grounds are gathered and sold for amazingly low prices...this year it was $5.00. These big boys weigh about 50 pounds each. You can also find smaller painted pumpkins for sale at the fair.

This is a great way to spend some fun time with your family so make sure you all head off to the Giant Pumpkin Carve next year...or visit your local pumpkin patch for tons of fun!

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