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The Thor Movie Costume Based On The Marvel Comic Book Character - Viking Costumes Are Going To Be Very Popular For Halloween This Year.

With the release of this new movie many Marvel Comic fans are going to be interested in wearing a Thor Costume. Other costumes from the Thor Movie include Loki...Norse god of mischief, Sif, goddess of war and of course the most popular accessories will be Thor's Hammer and his Winged Helmet.

The Thor costumes come in kids, men and even women's sizes plus you can find Loki...Thor's step brother, Sif...Thor's friend and generic Viking character costumes. Make it a couples or a group costume, have your entire family dress as Vikings. What a fun way to get dressed up for Halloween!

Thor Movie - Thor Prestige Adult Costume - X-Large (42-46)

Thor Movie - Thor Prestige Adult Costume.

About Thor

Thor is son of Odin, the leader of the gods in Asgard. He had a magical hammer called Mjolnir that gave him extra power. Thor disappointed his father and Odin banished him to earth...and took away his magic hammer. He also lost his memory of who he was and what powers he had.

Once on earth he became Donald Blake, an unhealthy medical student. Ten years later Blake was drawn to visit Norway...Odin put that suggestion into his subconcious...and while walking he found a cane. When he hit the cane on some rocks he became Thor once again and the cane was transformed into his Mjolnir.

Thor's Hammer...Mjolnir...

Thor Movie - Thor Hammer (Adult)

Thor's Hammer - Mjolnir

Later he joined with other superheros to form The Avengers, a crime fighting group. To find out all about the history and fate of The God of Thunder go and see the Thor Movie or buy it on DVD. And once you see it you will want the Thor Costume or one of the other Viking costumes...from the Thor Movie, The Loki Deluxe Adult Costume , or The Sif Deluxe Adult Costume...take a look at them and see if they fit right in with your Halloween costume ideas this year!

Thor God of Thunder Trivia

Thor's father is Odin. His Mother is Gaea...goddess of the earth.

He was born in a cave in Norway

Thor was raised by Frigga, who was Odin's wife.

Thor had an adopted brother named Loki.

Loki was very jealous of his step-brother.

While on earth the god of thunder had no idea of true identity until he went to Norway for a vacation and found a cane.

He fell in love with Jane Foster but they did not get married.

Other names:

  • God of Thunder
  • Son of Odin
  • the Thunderer
  • Lord of Asgard
  • Jake Olsen
Thor is very strong, even stronger than the rest of his super-human race.

He is resistant to injury and is an extremely slow ager...but he is not an immortal.

With his hammer, the Mjolnir, he can harness the energy of weather and he can cause lightening to come from his hands.

More Information on Norse Myths and Marvel Comics

Marvel Universe - Thor Odinson

Thor and Norse Mythology

The Valkyrie

Here is a Viking Princess costume for those of you interested in Norse costumes for women. It's different from the outfit for Sif, the warrior. It's a very beautful costume, however, it is not cheap. You can always check and see if Celebrate Express is having a sale. Click on the picture and check the online Halloween costume store yourself. This Norse Princess ensemble includes a dress, the headpiece, a cape and fingerless gloves.

Viking Princess Elite Collection Adult Costume - Medium

Viking Princess Elite Collection Adult Costume - Medium

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