Thor Birthday Party Ideas

Thor Birthday Party Ideas, Party Supplies, Party Games, Thor Tattoos, The Hammer and Even Thor The Avenger Halloween Costume Idea For Kids and Adults. Thor The Movie Has Given Us A New Party And Costume Theme!

Thor, The Mighty God Of Thunder, is a Marvel Comic Superhero and the lastest superhero movie has just been released. Now there are some new party supplies and new Halloween costumes for fans of the Hammer wielding Norse God, Thor. His hat alone does it for's a silver hat with wings! Thor has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters. Another fun accessory you can do a lot with is the Mjolnir, Thors hammer. I feel party game ideas coming on!

Thor Birthday Box

Thor Birthday Box

The supplies you see are from Birthday in a Box! Where You Can Find Themed Party Kits Under $25...Including Thor.

Find Thors Hammer Tattoos, Wrist Bands, Party Favor Boxes, Helmets for all the kids, personalized Viking Avenger accessories and lots of fun party tools. Perfect for your Thor Birthday Party Ideas.

Thor Party Supplies - Superhero Party Supplies

Thor Birthday Party Ideas call for some strong party invitations! You can buy all ready made fill in style invitations or you can make some Thor style invites...all you have to do to make your party invitations is cut out construction paper into shapes of Thors Hammer or Winged Hat. Write your party info on them, decorate them with some Thor stickers and you've got some great looking homemade invitations!

Next you will need party supplies and can see the party pack on this page, it's just what you need for up to 8 kids. It has paper plates, cups, napkins, a table cover, streamers and birthday candles.

To let everyone know they are at the right place you can hang a personalized Thor birthday banner.

Viking Avenger Personalized Banner
Fun party favors are easy for this fun kids party theme...tattoos! You will find Nordic Gods Tattoo Book. Don't forget that wonderful winged helmet that Thor wears. Look how cool it looks!

Thor Helmet

There are also Thor tattoos, notepads, wristbands, stickers, plus lots of Thor personalized items.

Thor Party Games - Superhero Party Games

Thor Birthday Party Ideas Need Lots Of Fun Party Games!

To make up some fun game ideas think of all the party games you know and think about this Norse Superhero, Thor. Let's put some fun ideas and some facts together.

Thor Birthday Party Game # 1

Marvel Comics tells us about Thors Hammer, the Mjolnir. Mjolnir means "Crusher". Have a game where kids wielding blow-up hammers crush something...cups, eggs, something that can't hurt the kids...water balloons...that's it...crush water balloons with Thors Hammer. Of course, this is an outdoor party games. Corral the balloons and let the kids go in one at at time...give them 30 seconds to crush as many balloons as they can.

Thor Birthday Party Game # 2

Thor is on Earth because he disobeyed his father, Odin. How about a game of Odin Says...the child who listens to the commands of the King, wins.

Thor Birthday Party Game # 3

Thor's Mighty Hammer Toss...let the kids throw those inflatable hammers and measure the distance after each throw. The one who throws the Mighty Mjolnir the furthest is the winner.

Thor Birthday Party Game # 4

Pit Thor against another about Thor vs Hulk...make sure Hulk is green using green face paint. Have a throwing contest using water balloons. Hang some targets on a clothes line or from a tree and let the kids toss water balloons at them. You can also use laundry baskets as targets and let the balloons get tossed into them.

Thor Birthday Party Game # 5

Scavenger Hunts and Treasure Hunts are fun party games...well then, Hide Inflatable Hammers around...they don't have to be inflated so they will be easier to hide...and let the kids run around and find them. Give them clues if you want...Thor has lost his hammer it's in this yard, you can find it if you look real hard...there's the start of a rhyme for you! You can find lots of inflatable hammers at the Oriental Trading Company.

Thor The Movie

Thor The Movie is out...use this film as part of your Thor birthday party ideas. Take the kids to the movies and then home for some games and cake or have a movie party at home with the Thor DVD. Sounds like a great plan to me and I am sure the kids would really enjoy themselves!

Thor Birthday Party Cake Topper

Thor birthday party ideas need a delicious cake with a Thor design. Get the birthday cake topper kit to design your own birthday cake with Thor as the theme. These cake toppers just sit on top of your baked and frosted cake. They are easy to use and they can save a bundle of money for you!

Thor Hammer Time Cake Topper

Thor Hammer Time Cake Topper

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