The Green Hornet Superhero Costume for Women

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Green Hornet Costume for Women

Green Hornet Costume for Women

The Green Hornet Superhero costume has been designed for a women so now the ladies can enjoy dressing up as this crime fighting vigilante. He (or she) is more of a crime fighter than a superhero. His special weapon, other than his fighting abilities is a "knock out spray". He is always accompanied by his Asian fighting sidekick, Kato. Kato has advanced fighting skills and was made popular in the TV series by Bruce Lee.

Well, now ladies you to can feel like the Green Hornet in this cute green costume that consists of a jade green suede mini dress that has an attached tie. There are also glovettes to match, black thigh high stockings, a green hat and a shiny eyemask with a sculpted nose piece. This costume is a 5 piece set made of Polyester. You can hand wash this outfit.

You can find the Green Hornet Women's costume and many other Superhero costume ideas at They also have costumes for babies, kids, teens, men and women. And you can get your pet a Halloween outfit there too.

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