Thanksgiving Trivia Questions, Recipes and Customs

Thanksgiving Trivia Questions, make them a part of your Thanksgiving dinner ideas and customs. It is fun to play some fun games for Thanksgiving that will pass the time while that traditional dinner is roasting. Have everyone laughing with theses funny turkey games and fun turkey facts.

Is somone going to be watching a football game? Try these fun printable games.

What you need for Thanksgiving

a turkey roasting chart, the best turkey stuffing recipe...some people call them turkey dressing recipes and lots of fun Turkey trivia questions to pass the turkey cooking time having fun. It's always torture watching the minutes pass while the turkey is roasting...well, here are some fun turkey games you can play with your family and friends.

Make up some turkey trivia questions or buy a set. These printable trivia games are perfect for your holiday party, these funny turkey facts will have everyone laughing out loud. Throw in some turkey coloring pages and some paper turkey crafts for the kids and your day will go along smooth as can be. Now, that is something to be Thankful for!

So make some turkey cookies and some cute little turkey cupcakes for dessert and while dinner is roasting away, play these fun Thanksgiving printable games with your guests.

Other things you need for Thanksgiving:

  • Left over turkey recipes
  • How to thaw a turkey
  • homemade turkey soup
  • how to brine a turkey

When your tradition Thanksgiving menu is all roasted and ready it is time to sit down at the table, bow your heads and say your thanksgiving day prayers.

Your holiday will be complete with these recipes, fun facts, coloring pages, Thanksgiving trivia questions, jokes, word games and other activities you have planned. Everyone will be thankful you are planning and hosting dinner with all these wonderful Thanksgiving customs and dinner ideas.

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