Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Get some fun and easy Thanksgiving Craft Ideas to make at this years Thanksgiving celebration. Teach your children the meaning of this important holiday through craft projects the entire family can make.

You are going to see lots of very easy craft ideas on this page. They will all be for that special November day when we give Thanks for everything we have...our family, our friends,our health and our homes. We use many symbols to decorate for Thanksgiving Day including:

  • Pumpkins
  • Turkey
  • Cornucopias
  • Indian Corn
  • Pilgrims and Indians
  • Fall Colored Leaves
Let's see what craft ideas we can find that incorporate all, or some of these special symbols.

You will find these craft supplies and ideas at The Oriental Trading Company Oriental Trading is an online craft catalog where you can find supplies and kits to make some easy crafts for all the holidays of the year.

We will show you how to make these fun ideas yourself. Homemade Thanksgiving craft ideas for your kids will need some materials and you will find the supplies you need listed. Check your craft box and make sure you have everything you need before you begin. If you need something you don't have, check Oriental Trading or your local crafting supply store. Or you can always substitute for something similar that you do have. Be creative when you craft!

Now let's check out some easy Thanksgiving craft ideas!

Share Your Thanksgiving Craft Ideas For Kids With Us....Take Some of Our Ideas!

Pumpkin Photo Frame Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

This pumpkin photo frame is one of those easy Thanksgiving craft ideas. You can see a picture of it here, but there is not a link with this photo. This kit is not for sale, but it's so easy and cute I had to show it to you.

What you will need to make this Pumpkin Photo Frame is:

  • Orange Foam Sheets or Construction Paper
  • Markers
  • Photo
  • Assorted Colored Foam Sheets or Paper

First, cut out two pumpkin shapes and put on aside. Then cut out the middle of just one. The complete pumpkin shape will be the back of your photo frame, the one with the center cut out, will be the front. Now glue those two together on the sides and the bottom...leave the top open! You still have to decorate the pumpkin and then put your photo in, so sealing the top will be the last step. Now take your colored paper...hopefully you have some reds or browns or greens and make a pumpkin stem cut out, and some pumpkin leaves. Glue these into place at the top of the pumpkin. Check the photo every once and a while if you need help. Now color some lines, just like you see in the photo to give some dimension to the pumpkin.

Examine your Pumpkin Thanksgiving craft to see if you like it, and if you are satisfied with your work, put your picture in and seal the top!

Good work! Make sure to mark the date and the year on the back of your photo frame so you will always remember the day you made it.

Pumpkin Photo Frame Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

The Spool Cross Kit...A Christian Thanksgiving Craft Idea

For those who believe, this Thanksgiving craft idea will have a special meaning. It's a cross made out of simple thread spools, a banner is draped across the top and it reads, "Give Thanks". It's one of those very easy Thanksgiving craft ideas and is not only fun to make, it's makes a wonderful gift.

To make this cross of spools you will need:

  • Wooden Spools 3 across and 4 down
  • Foam Craft sheets or Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Assorted Decorations
Glue three of the spools together and then glue four of the spools together. When the glue has set connect the two stacks in the shape of a cross. Use heavy duty string, glue or even some masking tape to connect the two. Use some of the foam to make a banner shape that you are going to glue across the arms of your cross. This will hide any tape or string you used. On the banner write "Give Thanks" or whatever saying you like. Then glue it across the arms of the cross. Now put some cutout decorations or fall leaves and acorns at the bottom.

Your easy Thanksgiving Craft project is done, it was simple wasn't it?

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas Here's a Thanksgiving Cross

Pilgrim Hat Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

This Pilgrim Hat Thanksgiving craft ideas is one way to keep your kids occupied and busy while teaching them about the history of the Thanksgiving holiday. The materials you will need are:

  • Assorted Colored Foam Sheets or Construction Paper
  • Safety Scissors
  • Glue
  • Googly Eye
  • A Jingle Bell
Take a look at this Pilgrim Hat craft kit and see what shapes to cut your colored sheets into. Then procede to glue them all together! That's how easy it is to make a Pilgrim's hat!

You see this hat has a turkey on it, you can put one on or leave it off, after all, it's your Pilgrim's Hat!

Thanksgiving Pilgrims Hat Craft Ideas For Kids

Thanksgiving Turkey Lollipop Covers

These Thanksgiving Turkey Lollipop Covers are the perfect favor for your young Turkey Day guests. The lollipop covers in the picture are made of felt, but you can make them with some colored construction paper. So for this project you will need:

  • Colored Foam or Costruction Paper (Felt if you like)
  • Twisty Ties or Two Sided Tape
  • Safety Scissors
  • Glue
Cut out the assorted shapes you see when you look at the picture, the body of the turkey, some feathers, a Pilgrim's hat, a beak and some turkey feet. Glue everything together and put it on your lollipop...hey, how is it going to stay on the lollipop? Use a twisty tie to fasten the lollipop onto the turkey pop cover, or use double sided tape. Your lollipop cover should look like this!

Fun Thanksgiving Craft Ideas - Cover your lollipops with turkeys...find out how!

Homemade Thanksgiving Place Card Craft Ideas

Making homemade Thanksgiving Place Cards is fun and it's another one of those easy Thanksgiving Day Craft Ideas that this whole page is all about. This is a fairly simple craft project. You will need paper, scissors, markers, tape or glue.

Cut out some Thanksgiving shapes, leaves, pilgrim hats, acorns,pumpkins...anything you like. You can see in the picture they cut out pieces of different colored foam or paper to make Pilgrims. If you like that look...make it! Take a look at the picture and you will see you need a rectangular piece of paper folded in half for each of your place cards. Make them big or small, whatever size you like. Decorate the rectangle before you fold it...just add some color with a marker. Write the name on the place card and decorate around it.

These Pilgrim place cards are a fun Thanksgiving craft idea for kids

Paper Plate Turkey Craft Kit

Paper Plates make a wonderful background for kids craft ideas. Look at this picture of a turkey made from a paper plate..two of them actually! You will need some:

  • Colored Construction Paper
  • Two Different Size Paper Plates
  • Safety Scissors
  • Glue or Tape
  • Googly Eyes
  • A Twisty Tie
Use the smaller plate as your turkey's head and glue it onto the larger plate. Glue on feathers and a face from the pieces of colored paper you have cut into different sized shapes. If you need a reference for your design, check the picture.

Turkey Paper Plate Craft Ideas. You will find lots of paper plate ideas there.

Make this fun paper plate project with your kids.  It's easy to make a turkey using paper plates and construction paper.

Native American Headband Craft Kit

Who helped the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock? The Native American Indians did, and that's why this Indian head dress craft idea is perfect for Thanksgiving. The kit comes with all the foam cut ups you need to make this feather head dress. But if you want to make your own, just check your craft supply kit and make sure you have:

  • Colored Foam Sheets or Construction Paper
  • Velcro
  • Craft Glue
  • Safety Scissors
  • A Real Feather or Two
You will need a long piece of paper, long enough to wrap around your head. It should be about 2 inches wide. Cut out as many of these strips as you will need. Cut out some multi colored feather shapes. Decorate your headband anyway you like. Attach the feathers to the front of the head band, on the inside.

The front of the feathers should be looking out of the headband. Glue or stick the velcro at both ends of the rectangular strip so you can connect them and make your headdress stay on your head! Take a look at the picture below to check your progress!

The Oriental Trading Company is where you can buy this kit.

Nice Indian headband head dress...what a great idea to use for your Thanksgiving craft ideas...the kids will love it.

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