Teen Party Ideas And Themes

Teen Party Ideas...Get the party themes, fun party games and the party supplies so you can plan the best teenage party for your son or daughter.

Teen party ideas are not the easiest kids parties to plan, but when you get the right theme for a teen birthday, it sure is fun! When your children are small, it’s fun to plan birthday parties for them. When your child becomes a teenager the party themes become a little bit more complicated. It's up to you to figure out the perfect party theme and the most fun party ideas to entertain your teenage and their party guests. Take a look at the list of teen party ideas and see which one will keep your teen and his or her friends having fun for a couple hours!

Teen Party Themes

Here is our list of Teen Party Themes. Take a look and choose the best theme for your teenager's birthday party.

American Idol Party – Does your teen dream of going on American Idol? Recruit people to be judges and the host, and then let each teen sing to a karaoke machine or accompaniment tape. Ask the judges to choose the best singer and/or performer. Great for a 14th birthday party, a 15th birthday party or a 16th birthday party. American Idol party ideas are lots of fun for any age group. Doesn't everyone want to be a star?

America's Top Model Party – Perfect for those Fashionistas and Diva girls out there. If your teenage daughter and her friends are into fashion, this is the perfect teen party for them. What 15 year old girl would'nt love to get into the world of modeling and high fashion? Plan a fashion show where everyone gets a turn on the runway. Make sure to have the paparazzi there to take pictures of these high flying beauties! This is one of the best girls' teen party ideas for girls between the ages of 14 and 16. An American top model party is sure to be a hit theme for your tween or teenage birthday party ideas.

Archeological Dig/Indiana Jones – People have been fascinated by archeology and the prospect of finding buried treasures which have been long forgotten. Using ideas from Indiana Jones movies or real archeological digs, try to recreate the atmosphere of a dig. Bury items in a sand box, have picks and shovels available, and see what the teens can dig up.

Black Light Bowling – If you have a local bowling alley and your teen enjoys bowling, see if the alley offers black light bowling. Black light bowling is a fun time for everyone. The rules for bowling are changed...sometimes, you are supposed to throw a gutterball, or do something silly...that's half the fun of black light bowling. It's the perfect theme for your 14th birthday party ideas. This is a theme that almost any age group will enjoy, so whether it's a 14 year olds birthday party, or a 16 year old birthday party...black light bowling is a great idea. This option may be more expensive than having a party at home, but it may be what your teen really enjoys. Teen party ideas don't have to take place at home. The bowling alley is the perfect venue for a fun and unique birthday party.

Board Game Party – Even though most teens prefer technology in every area of their lives...aren't they always on the computer or on the phone?...they might enjoy spending time with their friends playing some of the new board games available. Or even one of those old classic board games. How about a Monopoly party or The Game of Life? The newer board games will make a hit if your child is a Twilight Saga fan. In that case, check out the Twilight board game or Twilight Scene It. Take a ride with your teen to the store to see if together you can find a game or two for the board game party.

Camp Out Anyone? – Perhaps your teenager loves the outdoors. Why not allow them to set up camp in the back yard? Let them roast hot dogs, toast marshmallows, and tell stories. This is a great idea for warmer weather and a weekend night so friends can spend the night. This is one of those teen party themes that doesn't happen very often, and that means it is a unique party idea...one your teenage guests won't forget anytime soon.

Console Video Game Challenge – If your family has a Wii, purchase one of the sports games which allows up to four people to play, and let the teens play round-robin style to see who is the best. You can also use games such as Guitar Hero. I don't know any tween or teen who wouldn't get a kick out of this party theme. It's what kids love to do all the time! It's perfect for 14th birthday party ideas, or 15th birthday party ideas or 16th. Teens can be fussy when it comes to party themes, but Video Games is a party theme you can't go wrong with.

Deal or No Deal Party – Get out the suitcases and let your party guests participate in the Deal or No Deal game. Some players are holding the suitcases and some will have to make some really tough choices during this party that is totally centered around the TV show. This is one game show party theme that is perfect for those 14th birthday party ideas...or any teenager party. It's fun, gets the adrenaline pumping, has twists and turns...it might just be the perfect teen party theme for your son or daughter.

Fortune Teller Party – Let the Gypsy tell fortunes to all of your party guests. Teens will enjoy the fun of a mystic party. There are more than enough party decorations and supplies for a fortune telling birthday party for a 14 or 15 year old group. Might be ideal for those 14th birthday party ideas...and older. Teens are old enough to get a kick out of this supernatural theme without taking it to heart...especially when they see someone's Mom as the fortune teller!

Golf or Putt Putt – Teens used to enjoy playing putt-putt; they might still enjoy it if given a chance. If there aren’t any putt-putt courses near you, why not take the teens to a real golf course? They generally have clubs to rent so everyone can join in the fun. You know, putt-putt, is miniature golf. It's fun when you get a group of teens and the competitive edge comes out. 14 and 15 year olds might not think of miniature golf as an exciting birthday party theme, but once they get started it will be a blast!

Hawaiian Luau –The Hawaiian birthday party ideas are a fun filled party theme for teenagers. You don’t have to spend money to enjoy a Hawaiian luau; create one at home for your teen’s party. Hawaiian shirts, Don Ho playing in the background, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, and everyone will feel they’ve been transported to the islands. Teach the hula and serve up the poi! The luau is another one of those teen party themes that kids won't forget. A luau for teens can be filled with some really fun party games. Limbo, a Hula contest, volleyball, a grass skirt fashion show, make your own Hawaiian lei, sand art craft kits...are just a few fun ideas to make your Hawaiian birthday party ideas the best teen birthday party ever.

Have a Jam Session – Does your teen play an instrument? If they have friends who also play, ask them to bring their instruments and have a jam session. Friends who don’t play can sing along or enjoy the music. One thing that teens really get into is their music. This is a social event filled with birthday party traditions, but it is based on your teens personal preference for music.

Hollywood Movie Premiere Party – Roll out the red carpet and get the Oscars ready to be presented. Let your teens live the Hollywood life by inviting them to a Star Studded Movie Party. Give mini-Oscars out as game prizes or party favors, play movie and movie star trivia. Set the mood right from the beginning, when your neighbors pretend to be the paparazzi, waiting to jump out and get a picture of all your young stars. It will be interesting to see which stars your 14th or 15th birthday party guests come dressed as.

Ice Scream, You Scream; We All Scream for Ice Cream! – Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned ice cream sundae? Gather together a variety of toppings, ice cream flavors, and let them make their own sundaes. The teens at your party will be so filled with ice cream, you may not even need a cake. To make your party more interesting, why not let these teenagers make their own ice cream. Show em how tough it was to get delicious ice cream before it came in containers from the supermarket.

Laser Tag Teen Party Ideas – This is another game which will require you to shell out some extra money, but teens love to play. Laser tag facilities aren’t available in all areas so you may have to do a little bit of travelling; your teen and their friends will have so much fun. This unique kids party theme is just one of many fun themes you will find on this teenage party ideas list.

Make a Movie Teen Party Ideas – Work with your teen or let them write a short movie. As their friends arrive at the party, give each one a script. Take a few minutes for everyone to get there, then after the last person arrives and receives their script, let them film their masterpiece. Then watch the movie; it will be a party your teen won’t soon forget. Find out more about a Teenage Make a Movie party. I am sure most 14 and 15 year olds would love to create, act in and then watch their own movie...what a blast!

Masquerade Party – Perfect for a teenage Mardi Gras party. Get the masks and the beads ready for some good party ideas New Orleans style, a Mardi Gras Masquerade party. Don't forget to get the Cajun spices out for this party. As well known as Mardi Gras is for it's costumes and it's Jazz...the next thing is the food. So plan on plenty of gumbo and poor boys' and don't leave the baby out of the King Cake.

Movie Theme For Teens – Rather than have your teen and their friends act out a movie, why not create a theme around your teen’s favorite movie. No matter what that movie may be, you can find something to build a party around. Have the guests dress up like characters from the movie, play the soundtrack, serve foods which may have been a part of the movie. There’s so much you can do with a movie themed party. In other words, for your 14th birthday party ideas...hold a Star Wars convention or a tribute to the Twilight Saga. Teens will be amazed to see what a little bit of parental ingenuity can produce.

Murder Mystery Or Crime Drama – In other words, a simple who dunnit for your teen party ideas. Similar to the Make a Movie idea, this one has friends acting out parts of a script, but there is also one person who doesn’t know what’ll happen. It’s their job to try to figure out who the “murderer” is at the party. Here's how to host a murder mystery teen party.

Name that Tune Teen Party Ideas – Do you remember the old game show by that name? Put together snippets of songs which your teen and their friends will recognize. Play the songs and determine who knows the most songs. You may want to have a certificate for a free CD as a prize. Then finish off the evenings fun with some Karaoke for those music loving teenagers.

Poker Night – There are so many poker shows on television, and while you don’t want to encourage your teen to start gambling, there’s nothing wrong with playing Texas Hold ‘Em or Black Jack for fun. No money...just fun!

Rock Climbing – Rock climbing is a great sport activity which both males and females enjoy. If you can find a rock climbing wall, it might be the perfect starting point for your teen’s party. Encourage friends who have never tried rock climbing to give it a try.

Science Fiction/Outer Space – Science fiction movies have been popular since the beginning of moving pictures. See who can come up with the most outrageous Alien costume. Plan to watch some movies and enjoy outer space goodies. Turn your teens favorite science fiction movie into one of those really fun teen party themes you usually only hear about! Let your teens build a space ship out of cardboard boxes and aluminum foil. Put those imaginations to work.

Sleepover Party – What teen doesn’t want an opportunity to stay up late, eat junk food, and watch movies? This type of party may be more interesting for teenage girls, but with some forethought teenage boys can enjoy part of this evening, too. You never outgrow a Sleepover!

It can be like two parties in one. Have the guys over until 10 and then it's an old fashioned teen girls slumber party. This is one of those really popular teen party themes that is usually just for girls, guys might enjoy the camp out theme a little more. Girls do hair, nails and get comfy watching a girlie flick on TV. Eat, laugh and talk about boys.

Sports Theme – It’s a good possibility your teen is athletic and has a favorite sport. Plan an outdoor party at a park where they can run out their pent-up energy. Be sure to plan to cook out and have plenty of drinks on hand. For a Teenage sports party just choose your son or daughter's favorite team. This is one of those teen party themes that is perfect for anyone who enjoys sports.

Survivor Party For Teens – Nearly everyone has seen or heard of the television show Survivor. Set up some obstacle courses either in your yard or in a wide open area of your home. Then split the teens up into teams and see which team wins. Find out how to host a Teen Survivor party.

Sweet 16 Party – Sixteen is a turning point in a teenage girl's life. On the verge of becoming a woman, your little princess is growing up right before your eyes. Celebrate this special birthday with a party extravaganza. Let your guests know this birthday is something big by going all out on the party decorations and party games. Give everyone a theme related party favor that they will save as a keepsake for years to come.

The Amazing Race – Another reality television show is The Amazing Race. Break the teens into pairs. Come up with some clues, two or three destinations they need to find, and determine the final destination. See if the teens can decipher the clues and arrive at the final destination by a particular time. Get some fun party ideas for a Teens Amazing Race party. This is a perfect challenge for those teen birthday party ideas.

Twilight/New Moon - Twilight and New Moon party ideas are really popular with the young ladies right now. Thanks to Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight Saga, a new teen party theme was born!

Video Scavenger Hunt – Scavenger Hunts are hot party games these days. Create a scavenger hunt list filled with items for those attending to find. Split the teens into two groups. Borrow two video recorders, have them search a specified area to find the items on their list, and have them take videos of each team member doing something silly with the item they find. Find some more ideas for a teen's scavenger hunt birthday ideas and scavenger hunt list ideas.

Western Theme – You don’t have to live in the West to enjoy a Western themed party. Serve BBQ, ask guests to dress up in blue jeans and cowboy hats, and play country music. If you know someone with horses, you might want to plan a horse ride. Square dancing is fun, and most kids probably don't know that. Introduce them to this fun country style dancing.

X-Games – Many teens enjoy extreme skateboarding. Find a skateboarding park or create one in your own yard. Be sure to have someone with first aid training on-hand just in case someone goes too extreme!

These themes are the perfect from 14th birthday party ideas, or 15th, 16th...any teen will enjoy these fun birthday ideas no matter what age. You are sure to fi nd some fun teen birthday party ideas on this list. Take these ideas and add some of your own. There's no better What do you think about this variety of themes to choose from? If these don’t appeal, you can make up one entirely unique to your teen. Now the question you may need answered is how do you ensure your teen’s party is a success?

No one really thinks about all the effort it takes planning a great party. There are so many things to think about besides the theme. So if you’re not sure how to plan a party, follow these guidelines to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Don’t wait. If your teen says they want a party, find out when they want to have it. Get them to commit to a date and time as soon as possible so the date won’t be trumped by something else. Talk to them when they’re in a good mood to get as much done as possible; this is especially important if your teen tends to be moody and withdrawn. Give four to five weeks to plan a party, gather everything needed, and get RSVPs back is a good amount of time.

Set a budget. Most teens have the misconception that money grows on trees or that parents have an inexhaustible supply of it. Decide how much money is reasonable to spend for a party. This would include any decorations, invitations, party favors, and food. By setting a specific amount of money to spend, you can help your teen make decisions about which items are most important.

Theme or come as you are? Does your teen want a theme party where the guests wear costumes, the refreshments are chosen to match it, and entertainment is related? Or do they prefer to have their guests simply show up with no concern about things being theme-related? There are benefits to both, but come as you are can be simpler to plan.

Choose a location. Will the party be at your home or another location? If you’re having it at home, will it be indoors or outdoors? If they want the party someplace else, where do they want it?

Here are some possible locations to choose from:

  • City pool
  • Bowling alley
  • Roller skating rink
  • Ice skating rink
  • Laser tag park
  • Putt-putt golf
  • City park
  • Skateboarding park
  • Movie theater

Think outside the box when it comes to party locations: 1. Local museums, 2. Libraries, or 3. Attractions. All may offer a room for rent at less than you might think. These locations may also offer a unique experience for party goers. Remember, having the party at some other location than your home may determine how many guests or the type of refreshments the party can have. The location may dictate the date depending upon when it is available and blow the budget should you choose it.

Decide upon invitations. Will your teen send formal invitations to their party or will an email or verbal invitation suffice? When will guests need to RSVP? Explain to your teen that it’s important to know how many people will attend so you can save money by not overspending on food. It will be much cheaper to buy for ten friends than for twenty.

Get them thinking. Here are some things they may want to consider:

  • How many guests do they want to have?
  • Will it be mainly friends from school or will other family members be invited as well
  • What types of refreshments and beverages do they want?
  • Will the food and beverage choices be related to the theme?
  • What type of music will be needed and who will provide it?
  • Do they want to have games?
  • If they do have games, what types of games do they want?

    Teen Party Menu Ideas Give them choices Instead of simply asking what foods or beverages they want for their party, make suggestions:
  • Pizza or hot dogs
  • Soft drinks or punch
  • Popcorn or potato chips
  • Cake and ice cream or just cake
Give them some choices to pick from. This will keep the party food choices simple.

Set some rules Set up specific boundaries relating to the party, things which are non-negotiable. Drugs and alcohol are definitely unacceptable. You might also want to make a determination how long the party will be allowed to last. How loud will you allow the music to be in regard to how close the neighbors are and how they might be affected by it? Which rooms will be off limits? Will guests who didn’t RSVP or weren’t invited be allowed to stay? These are all questions you may want to consider when helping your teen plan a party.

Let them decide Guide your teen as much as possible when it comes to the particulars about the party, but let them decide. Teens need to know that you have confidence in their ability to make decisions and planning a party is a good place to show that confidence. When you give them guidance you’re making suggestions and then letting them choose.

Plan to be available When the night of the party arrives, plan to be home. While it would be nice to take that night to get out on the town with your partner, it’s more important that you remain at home and available for your teen. By remaining home, in separate part of the house, your teen knows they have accountability for what goes on during the party and you’ll be able to be ready at a moment’s notice if they need your help. Remember you’re responsible for the safety and well-being of any guests who attend the party, particularly those who are underage.

Help with decorations Your teen may not ask for your help, but they’ll appreciate it if you help put up decorations. Of course what type of decorations you have will be determined by the theme of the party, so decorating may or may not take that long. If the party has a theme, decorations will likely take longer, but you’ll want to ensure they’re up and ready when the party starts.

Don’t forget to check everything Three to four days before the party, be sure that you have all the food and beverages you’ll need. If it’s a birthday party is the cake ready? Use the extra few days to be sure you have everything so if you’ve forgotten something you still have time to get it.

It’s party day Talk to your teen about the day of the party. Do they want you to greet the guests or do they want to do it? If they prefer you to “lay low” during the party, where will you be? Will there be a signal when it’s close to time for the party to end? These are things you’ll want to have ironed out well before the day of the party.

Will there be games during the party? Some games will be determined by the theme such as poker night, console games, laser tag, bowling or golf. Other games that teens might enjoy: 1. Charades, 2. Trivia games, 3. Board games, 4. Flashlight tag (if the party is at night), or 5. Who am I? (Each person is given the name of a famous person which is taped to their back without their seeing it. They then go around asking questions about the person they’re supposed to be and the first person to correctly guess their identity wins.)

Will there be prizes for games? Here are some ideas you may want to consider: 1. Posters of current favorite groups, singers, movies, actors, or actresses, 2. CDs of favorite performers, 3. Coupons for movie or game rental, 4. Key chains, 5. Baseball caps, or 6. School-related items.

Say cheese! Be sure to have disposable cameras available during the party. Not only will guests be able to take candid photos during the party, you can be sure your teen will have plenty of photos to remember the day by. Of course, if you use film cameras, you’ll have to get the photos developed but you can also buy digital disposable cameras.

Recommend to your teen that they forgo gifts this year if they’re having a birthday party. The goal of a party is to celebrate and have fun. Of course, some of their friends may still decide to bring a gift. If that’s the case, you might want to suggest that they wait until all the guests leave before they open the gifts so anyone not bringing one will not feel bad.

The process of planning a party can be a great experience for your teen and you to share. You may want to use the above to give you theme ideas as well as instruction on planning, but you may be able to come up with better or different ideas on your own.

There are so many ways to plan a party. However you can use the above teenage party ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Let them make as many decisions about the party as possible. Then try to remember the point which is to find something that your teen and their friends will enjoy.

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