Teenage Party Game Ideas

It can be hard to come up with fun teenage party game ideas, in fact it can be tough to come up with teenage party theme ideas! Teenagers' parties can be great events, but entertainment can be a difficult decision. It may be hard to keep up with what is the newest buzz; however, reverting to the basics will never be a bad thing.

When hosting a teen party, you should consider the following new and old game options:

  • Scavenger hunt - Gather together a list of items for the scavengers to seek out. Make little things that you can hide in the yard. Video the kids hunting down the items. Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt party. You can call it Treasure Hunt too. Scavenger Hunts, Scavenger Hunt Themes, Scavenger Hunt Clues, Scavenger Hunt List Ideas.

  • A Murder Mystery - A murder mystery party is unique idea when your considering teenage party games. Themes for a murder mystery are varied and you can find information online very easily. If your looking for fun teenage party game ideas you should check this one out.

  • Late night Hide and Seek - Playing hide and seek at night is a lot of fun. This is a very easy and a fun, fun, fun game for your party if your yard is big and enclosed. Of course, make sure any items in your yard are secured and put away. You don't want kids tripping over a garden hose that isn't stored away properly. Make sure the kids stay in your yard and know not to leave that area!

  • Manhunt - Playing hide and seek in camouflaged clothing! Young boys love this one! But, don't think it is just a boys game...my daughters used to play it too. All the kids on our block played manhunt every night in the summer for years!

  • Nacho eating contests or Pizza eating contests - These contests are best held outdoors cause they can get pretty messy! You can change the food to watermelon, ice cream...just about anything. Just watch that the kids have fun but don't really over do it. You can change the rules too...like no one can use their hands to put the food into their mouths...this always gets some very funny results. Make sure to have your camera ready!

  • "Fear Factor" games - This is a good game for a Halloween Party. You can fill bags with creepy, gooey items and make everyone guess what they are! Check out our scary Halloween recipe ideas at creepy Halloween recipes and even more at creepy Halloween recipes 2 to come up with gross food ideas for this funny party game.
    Or check out what Amazon has for you.

  • "American Idol" games - This one is saying Karaoke to me! Get out the old Karaoke equipment or borrow a karaoke machine from a friend.

  • "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader" game - Go online to an educational site and get some 5th grade school questions. Give all your party guests a turn at the podium to prove they are smarter than a fifth grader. As we've seen on TV, those fifth graders are pretty smart.

  • Twister - Twister is not a new game idea. But no matter how old it is, Twister is always a fun party game. There are also other versions of the old favorite Twister out there. Twister Moves, Twister in Bratz or High School Musical editions, a Chicago Cubs or Yankee version of Twister...there is even a Halloween version of this fun bending and twisiting party game.

  • "Dance Revolution" game - Can you believe how advanced video games are? Dance Revolution is a great video game, and a great party game. You can have a dance off!

  • Dress up games - Halloween is the perfect party theme for a dress up costume party, but you can have one anytime you want. Kids of all ages, even us big ones, love to dress up.

  • Halloween

    Teenage party game ideas are a great party idea to help the teenagers relax and enjoy themselves at a party. Teens are sometimes a little slow at the beginning of a party, but once the fun games begin it will help them to feel comfortable.

    Of course, there are some games that teens like more than others, so who better than your teen to ask for some suggestions.

    Like any other party guests, teens like prizes as well; however, be sure to include prizes that they will like, such as small gift certificates to the mall, bookstore, or other stores; school supplies; current band posters.

    Do you need more teenage party game ideas?

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