Teen Party Theme Ideas

If you are looking for Teen Party Theme Ideas, you found the right place. Here are several teen party ideas that are among the most popular today. Read them over and see which you thing your teenager will like the most.

Here are some Teenage Party Theme ideas. Plan your party around your teen’s favorite movie, sport, hobby or television show.

If your child likes Survivor you can plan a Survivors theme. You can let the kids get to complete in skills like erecting a shelter with a tarp and sticks. Will it survive the hurricane test? Pour buckets of water on it to find out.

Here is another Survivors party ideas.

Can they successfully fill a water bottle using a relay system of coconut shells? Have a neighborhood scavenger hunt for useful objects to use for food and shelter. Decorations can be based on an island theme with tiki lamps, grass skirts around the tables and Hawaiian accessories. Serve some exotic refreshments like sushi and rice, calamari and stir fry. Cut a whole pineapple in half, remove the pineapple and refill with a fresh fruit salad. Add a yogurt fruit dip to the side. And don't forget the little umbrellas for your drinks! Maybe they're into mall shopping. Have all the kids meet at a local mall, then divide into two teams, each with a shopping bag and a set amount of money- maybe ten dollars per team. The teams have thirty minutes to spend their money and the team with the most items in their bag wins a prize. From there you can go to the movies, out for pizza and home. Have sixties party with big hair wigs and bell bottoms. Get some plain T-shirts and let the kids tie die them as a take home gift. Decorate the birthday cake in bright colors, perhaps with a yellow smiley face in the middle. See if the dollar stores or thrift stores have some fun costume accessories and do a fashion show. Look for wide plastic belts, high heeled boots, miniskirts, button down shirts, and big funky glasses. Large plastic bangles and gold and silver necklaces, head scarves and platform shoes/ Put them all in a pile and let the kids make their own costumes. Award prizes for the best, the funkiest and the funniest. Make sure to take lots of pictures! What about a video game competition? This is great for those teen boys who don't want anything that might seem childish. If you already have a game system, perhaps a new game could be one of the presents, otherwise a trip to the arcade is just the thing. Teens love pizza so make sure to get several large ones to feed the hungry crowd. A movie marathon is another crowd pleaser. Let the guests bring their favorite movies (pre-approved by all involved families) pop a ton of popcorn, make sure there’s plenty of soda, lots of pillows to lay on and watch the party take care of itself. Invitations can be printed out like movie passes and each person can bring some of their favorite theatre candy. Sub sandwiches or pizza make a great meal and what could be easier? When planning a party for a teen, make sure to get their input as to a theme, food and activities. Teens love to have fun but sometimes need help with planning all the details. Involve them as much as possible and your success as a party planner is guaranteed!

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