Tea Party Supplies

Tea party supplies are just what you need if you have decided to host a tea party birthday for your little girl. Tea parties have long been a tradition representing a gentle time. Little ladies would flock to tea parties and enjoy a relaxing afternoon dining on tiny sandwiches and cakes. Well, guess what, it's still fun to do.

The good new for you Mom, is that this is a fairly easy party theme to pull off. We've got the tea party supplies you need to decorate your party room, everything from the tea party invitations to the games your little ladies will play. Tea sandwich recipes and cake ideas so you can serve dainty little treats to those lovely little ladies!

Take a look at these lovely tea party supplies for your daughter's birthday celebration. You are sure to find exactly what you're looking for! Just click on any picture for more information.

Tea Party Menus

Your Tea for Two party needs some delicious menu ideas. Tea party sandwiches are tiny sandwiches. They are very dainty and usually eaten with the fingers. Cut off the crust of the bread and spread on some tuna or chicken salad. Cut the sandwiches in four pieces. Tea party menus can also include cream cheese, turkey or even peanut butter and jelly!

Make mini cupcakes and frost them in pastel frostings. They will be the perfect size for a tea dessert. Of course, you can serve scones and krimpets too. Or buy a box of petit fours, unless you have a recipe and can make them yourself.

Make a pot of tea for your party guests, of course, you should also have some juice or punch on hand for those who prefer not to drink tea.

You can look at the party supplies shown above to look at the cute Tea for You candles. They would look great on your cupcakes!

Tea Party Invitation Wording

If you decide to make your own party invitations simply cut construction paper out in the shape of a tea pot or cup. Use flower stickers to decorate around the edge of your paper. Reserve the middle for your tea party invitation wording...and the back for your party details:who, what, when, where and RSVP.

Make a rhyme for your party invitation wording, something like:

  • Tea for you and Tea for me, we'll be lovely as can be. Dress like a princess for this tea party!
  • Tea for two, that's you and me. Dress fancy as can be. This is a formal tea, you see.
  • Tea for two or three or four, who knows, there might be more. Little ladies deserve treats, and there will be plenty of yummy eats!
Whimsical invitation wording makes the party sound fun, even before it begins! Let your party anticipate your party long before they arrive.

If you don't want to make your own tea party invitations, take a look at the invitations shown in the party supply pictures.

Tea Party Games

In olden days, ladies would play croquet, so why not give all your guests a lesson in this old fashioned, but fun game. Tea parties call for a bit of reserve, but fun is never out of place.

How about the Tea for You Match Game that you can see in the tea party supplies shown in the pictures above. It's provided by Celebrate Express...a leader in kids party supplies and games. This match game is three games in one!

Another old fashioned game is Pin the Tale of the Donkey...well, there aren't any donkeys in sight today, so Pin the Handle on the Tea Pot is the ideal game for this party theme. Draw a tea pot and make lots of "U" shaped handles so the girls can try to attach the handle to the pot. Double sided tape will do the trick to keep the handles where they were placed.

Tea Pot pinata is a perfectly lady like game...when you add the pull string conversion kit to it. Pinatas are always a big hit at any kids party. First, to be safe get the pull string conversion kit. Ladies at tea parties do not swing bats or sticks at a pinata. Fill your tea pot pinata with goodies and treats and let each girl pull a string until someone finds the lucky string that breaks open the pinata and lets all those goodies spill out.

Sugar and Spice Relay Race is really the old egg and spoon race...but this time (if you are very brave Mom) you can let the girls try to get from the start line to the finish line with a spoon filled with sugar or a spice. Place a tea cup at the finish line for the girls to put their spoon in. If you are too afraid to trust the girls not to get the sugar all over, use hard boiled eggs! It will still be fun.

Make sure you let your guests know it's okay to eat the food with their fingers. Tea parties are notorious for serving finger foods.

Tea Party Crafts

Tea Party crafts are a must! Let each girl make her own party favor. Hats are all the rave at tea parties, so arrange for each girl to make her own hat. Get a straw hat for each of your guests and put all kinds of adornments and frilly trimmings such as:

  • lace
  • flowers
  • scraps of fabric
  • feathers
  • beads
Add some glue and glitter so the girls can make their hats sparkle. Let each take the hat home as a party favor...but not until after the milinary fashion show. Take a party photo of each girl in her hat, and then gather all the girls together for a group photo too. This will be the perfect memento to enclose in your thank you notes, and of course you will want some birthday photos to add to your daughter's scrapbook.

Tea Party Favors

Tea party supplies includes several different party favor ideas. You can see them in the pictures at the top of the page and they include:

  • Stickers
  • Coloring books
  • Favor boxes sold above
The favor boxes for your tea party will include a pink heart favor bucket that holds includes:
  • Tea for You sticker sheet
  • Tea for You coloring book
  • Faux pearl necklace
  • A flower coin purse
  • A pack of 4 pastel crayons
  • A pair of stick-on stone earrings
These party boxes are chock full of goodies, but you have got to check out the flower coin purse...it's really cute!

Don't Forget Your Tea Party Supplies!

Now you've got loads of fun party games, party menu and party crafts ideas as well as lots of tea party supplies to make your daughter's party the best ever. Look over the tea party supplies carefully, check your party budget and buy the things you consider most important first...then see what you can add and still stick to your budget. Have fun and don't stress Mom, you are going to do great!

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