Tank Pinata

Here's a fun party game for your Army or Special Forces Party ideas! Get a Tank Pinata!

You are familiar with the pinata game and how much kids enjoy it at a party.

"Tank 19"" Pinata"

All you have to do is prepare the pinata by filling it with some candy or goodies, hang it up. Get a Pull-String Pinata Kit to make your pinata game safe for all the kids. Blindfold each child when it is their turn and let them pull on one of the strings. Give each of your guests have a turn choosing a string. One of the strings is special, and it will open the pinata so all the goodies you have hidden inside come spilling out. Watch all your little soldiers trying to do a little recon of all the goodies!

This Tank pinata is 19" and it has a removable sticker on it to show you where to put the candy and goodies in it. You can find the fillers you need The pull string models don't require swinging a stick to break them open. One of the strings are the secret to breaking open this Army tank!

You will also find lots of party supplies to help you host an Army or Special Forces party! Is GI Joe your party theme? This pinata will work well with that popular boys theme too.

Here's a great Army, Special Forces or GI Joe party favor set. It's called Camo Party Favor Kit and look what each one includes:
  • (1) Camouflage Treat Bag
  • (1) Green Plastic Canteen Water Bottle
  • (1) Camouflage Visor
  • (1) Compass Key chain
  • (1) Plastic Binoculars
  • (1) Green Plastic Paratrooper
  • (1) Dog Tag

This Favor Kit will thrill any party guest! Can't you just picture the look of surprise when they open this kit to see all the great favors inside?

Camo Gear Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

You should take a look at the party supplies kit that comes with this same Camo theme as the party favors. It contains enough supplies for 8 party guests and even includes the party invitations! Since you are buying bulk (enough for 8) you save some money. If you add up the prices of everything in this party pack individually, it will cost a lot more than this prepared pack does. So if you like to save money...here's one way!

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