Sweet 16 Birthday Party

The Sweet 16 Birthday Party is one that acknowledges the transition from a childhood to being a young woman, but your little girl will always be your sweet little Princess!

Take a look at some fun 16th birthday party ideas and check out the bright party supplies and favor ideas you can choose from.

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A 16th birthday is an exciting party idea, but of course, each of the birthdays of your child has is important. It is that annual milestone when they turn yet another year older; it’s just appropriate to make each one really memorable. However, there are certain birthday celebrations that are simply more extraordinary than the rest.

For many young girls, turning 16 years old is very special. As a parent, you want only the best 16th birthday party for your daughter. But sometimes it seems like all the previous birthday parties you had prepared for your daughter were all a blast, so you wonder how to make her 16th birthday more special than the others.

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Expect that your daughter and her friends have already been to other 16th birthday parties before. So chances are your daughter’s very own sweet 16 birthday party will be compared to all those parties they have attended previously. An extra-special day calls for an equally extra-special celebration. Do you already have an idea how to turn your daughter’s sweet 16 birthday party into the event of her teen years? Read on and you might just come up with the perfect party theme.

Every young girl once in a while likes to dress up and pretend to be a princess or a big star. Why not throw your daughter a masquerade ball? Dress up games and parties are fun for all age groups! Imagine all her guests arriving in elaborate costumes, each one completely fascinated by another’s get up. This alone will make her sweet 16 birthday party the talk of the town, so to speak. Set up a stage and adorn it with plenty of balloons -- your daughter and her guests will definitely have the time of their lives. This is certainly a unique party theme!

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If you want something not as elaborate as a masquerade ball, you can always opt for much simpler themes. Which young girl doesn’t love to be pampered and experience a makeover? will surely excite your daughter and her guests. This party will include different activities such as facials, pedicures, hairstyling, and other makeover experiences. Of course, to complete the set up, have a film showing of a few memorable chick flicks. Make sure there are also a lot of treats such as candy bars, chocolates, ice cream and others -- anything that makes young girls happy.

Does your daughter’s 16th birthday fall on a summer day? Then why not consider a surf’s up birthday bash? If you don’t live near a beach or you can’t take everyone to the beach, you can always take the beach to your backyard! Decorate your backyard with surfboards, Hawaiian decorative items, beach balls and umbrellas, and other items found on the beach. Pop in a CD of familiar surfing music and have luau treats and parlor games too! Grass skirts, Hawaiian lei and the hula for some luau fun in the sun for a Sweet 16 summer birthday celebration.

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Another great sweet 16 birthday party idea is a red carpet event. Yes, you can go with a Hollywood party theme. Ask everyone to dress up as though they were celebrities attending the Oscars or any other important event in Hollywood. Set up your digital camera or camcorder on a tripod and place it at the red carpet entrance. Ask each of the guests to spend a few seconds in front of the camera to make them feel they’re spending the night at big gala event in Hollywood. Hand out goody bags that are truly worthy of Oscars. While everybody else is having a blast, you can print snapshots of each one and place it in uniform picture frames, so that the guests will have something to take home.

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5' Hollywood Insta-View Scene Window Prop

You can still achieve any of the themes above for your daughter’s birthday bash, even on a budget. You can choose one theme and modify it to your taste. Or you can take ideas from two or more of the party themes and incorporate them into the party plan you have in your mind. Just remember that all it takes is a little creativity, and your daughter and her guests will surely have a great night.

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