Sweet 16 Party Game Ideas

Sweet 16 Party Game Ideas will make your daughter's 16th birthday party "a night to remember!" When you're gathering Sweet 16 party ideas you can’t overlook games. Here are some fun party games centered around your sweet 16 birthday girl that will help your guests have a great time.

  • Candy Heart Quiz
    Give each guest a candy heart, the kind that you get at Valentine’s Day. Make sure that each heart has a saying on it. When each guest has a heart, they take turns using the words on their heart to describe the guest of honor.

  • Have a Hula Hoop Contest
    (these are also known as hoola hoops) The winner is the person who can keep the most hula hoops spinning! Did you know the World's record is 105 hula hoops set by Jin Linlin in 2007

  • Have a Karaoke Singing Contest
    Get out the old Karaoke Machine and let guests take turns singing.

  • Trivia Contest
    Make up 16 trivia questions about the sweet 16 birthday girl include questions about her favorite TV show, book or rock band.

  • Sweet 16 Dress Up Relay Race
    A Dress Up relay race is really fun. Form several teams and let each team member dress up in a silly outfit that is made up of 16 items. Each team member has to reach a spot across the room and make it back to their team. Have them remove the 16 items and the next person must Dress Up. Continue until all the members of a team have completed the challenge. Use socks, gloves, a tiara, a boa or scarf...lots of items of clothing. This is a Very Funny Party Game!

Now your party plans are complete! You've got plenty of Sweet 16 Party game ideas and you are on your way to giving your daughter a birthday party she won't ever forget!

Don't forget your video camera to film some of the party games. These are memories you'll want to preserve on film.

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