Fantastic Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

When it comes to finding surprise birthday party ideas, the first thing that you'll want to do is make certain that the guest of honor likes surprises. There is nothing worse than planning a surprise party only to find that the honoree felt terribly uncomfortable and embarrassed by the event. However, once you know that the recipient is the perfect candidate for a surprise party, you'll want to gather all of your surprise birthday party ideas and begin planning. Here are some fantastic tips to help make certain your surprise birthday bash is a success.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas Need Special Invitations

The invitations for your surprise birthday party ideas must convey the importance that the event is kept secret! You should ask if anyone has any ideas to keep the guest of honor occupied while preparations are being made. Also, it is a wise idea to make a polite suggestion that those who might spill the beans keep a safe distance from the guest of honor until the day of the party.

Here are some surprise party invitation ideas:

  • Use file folders for invitations or manila envelopes and stamp them with the word "Confidential". Inside you can use a picture of the Birthday Party guest of honor and write "Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to get to "THE SURPRISE PARTY WITHOUT BEING DETECTED!" Add all the party details and a phone number to RSVP.
  • Choose from a variety of words and phrases, like SHHHHH or It's A Secret, and print them out onto printable party invitations.
  • You can find an online party invitation supplier, or at your neighborhood party shop, invitations that are designed with the words Top Secret or Surprise on them.
  • Does the Birthday Gal or Guy have any special hobbies or interests? Use that as a unique party theme. Whether it's baseball, golf or high heeled shoes, it will be unique to your special Birthday Friend.

As an example, Let's just say my family was having a Surprise Party for me, they could use my White German Shepherd Dog as the theme for the party. My dog is a wonderful companion and he's also my favorite hobby. There are certainly plenty of pictures of him they could copy for decorations and they could use one for the party invitations too. I hope they read this and get the hint! LOL

Surprise Party Decoration Ideas

Since the main focus the surprise party is the guest of honor’s initial reaction, you'll want to carefully plan the honorees arrival. Make sure to have a camera or two ready to snap the picture when he or she arrives! The party and guests should keep party decorations out of sight until that moment when he or she opens the door and is amazed by the surprise.

Some great party decorations to have on hand include:

  • Noisemakers
  • Whistles
  • Confetti

Surprise Party Activity Ideas

Surprise birthday party ideas must include party games and icebreaker games. It's a good idea to have an icebreaker game or two if there will be guests from different areas of the Birthday Person's life. Co-workers won't know too many family members and it's nice to have a fun round of silly ice breaking games to get everyone introduced.

These will ensure that each participant will have an enjoyable time and get to known one another.

Some Fun Party Game ideas and Activities include:

  • Dress Up Relay Race

    Why not do a team dressing game, like Dress Up Relay as an Icebreaker?

    Assign each guest a number between 1 and 4. All number 1's will be on the same team, etc. Have a few piles of clothes, one for each team, and let each team member dress up in a silly outfit, rush to a bell on the other side of the room. Ring the bell, return to your team start zone and get undressed. Next person does the same thing until one team finishes first.! It's a silly and very funny party game.

  • Name that Tune

    Put together a fun assortment of different music soundtracks, or designate someone to hum various theme songs and melodies. With the guests in a circle, have each person try to guess the song in a few notes.

  • Create Group Puzzles

    Have the guests assemble into groups of four. Take a puzzle and divide the pieces into four plastic bags. See which team can complete their puzzle first. Why not get a personalized puzzle of the Birthday Person! It's a great variation on the puzzle game idea!.

  • Karaoke Singing Contest

    Karaoke is always fun! Let people know there is going to be a Karaoke contest at the party. Ask them to call in advance to let you know they'd like to croon a tune! Get the old Karaoke Machine out, make sure it works and that you have the DVD's for it.

Special Surprise Party Gift Idea

After you've gone to all the trouble to plan these Surprise Birthday Party Ideas why not make a special birthday gift?

  • You can make a video or a scrap book of the party. Take pictures of everyone and put them into a scrap book. Bring small pieces of paper to the party and let everyone write a special note and you can paste it into the book along with the pictures. This will be a treasured gift for years to come.

    Have a T shirt made with a picture of the Birthday Gal or Guy on it. You can really make it unique by also having the names of all the guests who have called in an RSVP printed on it too.

Surprise Party Favor Ideas

are fun to choose and fun to receive! A party favor serves as a momento of the party and are a special way of saying Thank You to all the guests who help make it fun.

  • Get a Picture of the Birthday Gal or Guy from their high school days (if the party is for an Adult) or use a baby picture and have that printed onto a T shirt. Use this as a special party game prize or as a very unique party favor idea!

  • These Surprise Party Ideas should get you off to a good start with your party planning. There's nothing like a birthday party, and a surprise makes it even better!

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