Superheros Party Theme

Here's a Superheros Party Theme for your next kids birthday party. "Have No Fear" you can get Superhero party supplies right here"! It's a "Marvel"ous way to celebrate a birthday, no matter how old you are!

Each one of us has our very own favorite Superhero (or Superheroine), and there are plenty of these heroes who exceed normal human power, size or capacity. And of course, their powers can be physical, mental or magical! The list of Superheros is a large one and to tell you the truth, I cannot pick just one.

According to Wikipedia a Super hero or Super-hero is "a fictional character of unprecedented powers dedicated to acts of derring-do in the public interests". ( Derring-do means "Heroic Daring". ) Of course, Superman is the first hero that comes to mind when you think about derring-do, don't you think?

One thing these crime fighting super-powered guys and gals have, usually, is a really cool costume and most often a mask. So they also get nicknames like Caped Crusader or Okay, now we have determined what a Superhero actually means and we have learned that you can spell it three different ways, and also that they wear very cool costumes and sometimes masks.

The List of Superheros For Your Kids Party Theme

Now why don't you look at the long list of superheros and choose one or two for your party theme. Boys and girls will both enjoy using a super hero, or a group of superheros as a party theme. So let's look at the list we have compiled and see if you find just the right party theme you are looking for.

The List of Superheros for Party Ideas

  • Bakugan
  • Batman
  • Ben 10
  • Incredible Hulk
  • Iron Man
  • Power Rangers
  • Spiderman
  • Superman
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • The Incredibles
  • The Transformers
  • Wonder Woman
  • X-Men Wolverine
This list of Superheros is not the list of all of the heroes we know, just the ones they sell party supplies for.

Hopefully, you have chosen a party theme for your child because the next step is deciding what you can make yourself (like the party invitations) and what superheros party supplies you will have to buy.

Party Invitations are so easy to make yourself. Construction paper, Superhero clip art or stickers and you are just about done. You can also buy your party invitations if you don't feel like making them.

Your Superheros party theme is well on it's way to becoming a real party! You've chosen the Superhero you want to plan your party around, and you have looked at all the super cool Superheros party supplies (party cups, napkins, plates, etc.) that are available.

Superhero Games

Now your are going to need some Superhero games and you've got to look at some Superhero cakes to complete your Superheros party theme.

Games are easy. These super guys and gals are very fast, they can fly, and they are usually very strong...we mere humans cannot compete with that, so why not play a Super Treasure Hunt game. Hide stickers and temporary tattoos around the yard or your party room. Hide them in those cute little plastic eggs. Hide a lot of them and set the kids on a mission to find them. Let everyone keep the prizes they find. There's always a Super Yell contest. That usually keeps kids busy for a little while. See who can yell the loudest, using their super vocal cords. Finally, you can plan a dress up relay game using a cape and a mask. That will be pretty cool. Can you draw? Teach your guest how to sketch a Superhero, or get some printable coloring pages for them to color.

Superhero Cakes and Party Menu Ideas

Superhero party favors are so much fun and just perfect for a Superheros party theme! Get some party masks for your guests and some stickers, temporary tattoos and some super bouncy balls with a picture of your favorite hero on it. Some of these Superhero theme characters will also have a pull string pinata to use as a fun party game.
Now you have to think of some super names for your party food. How about a Spidey Burger or a Super Salad. After you have planned and named your party menu, it's time to think about which Superhero cake idea you should use.

You can buy and edible cake image with a picture of your superhero party theme on it. When you get it, just bake and frost your cake and put the edible image right on top. These look great when your done! And, you can get them for cupcakes too. There are also cake topper kits that are sold. These are plastic pieces that you can put right on top of your baked and frosted birthday cake. The third cake idea is to order it from your local bakery...but that's usually pretty expensive, so amaze your kids and make your own decorated party cake!

Now you are all ready with your Superheros party theme, you've picked out all your Superhero party supplies, fun party games and you have some cake ideas. You are in pretty good shape considering the party isn't for a few more weeks. Take your time and enjoy this amazing Superheros party theme you have planned for your child!

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