Super Why Party Ideas and Halloween Costumes

Let's find Super Why party ideas and Halloween costumes for your Super fans. Preschool party ideas and preschool Halloween costume fun for your child. Take a look at all the accessories and supplies you can find in this fun kids party theme. Learning and fun...what a great theme for kids. Let your child know that it is fun to learn this popular preschoolers Super way. Find out about each of the characters:

  • Whyatt
  • Little Pig or Alpha
  • Princess Pea
  • Red

Super Why! Basic Party Pack

Super Why! Party Pack Add-On

Super Why! Party Favor Box

All About Super Why

It's find out all about the cartoon show Super Why! This is a kids cartoon that can be found on PBS kids. The show is aimed towards preschoolers and teaches school readiness literature skills such as:

  • The alphabet
  • Spelling
  • Phonics
Take a look at these fun decorating ideas for your child's room or for a birthday party. Wall decals and personalized banners go a long way when you are decorating a party room.

Super Why! Giant Wall Decals

Super Why! Personalized Birthday Banner Large 30" x 100"

Super Why! Personalized Birthday Banner Medium 24" x 80"

Super Why Characters

Four different characters make up the cast. The characters are:

  • Whyatt- Whyatt is the leader of the super-readers. He is 9 years old and likes to use the catch phrase “Whyatt here!”
  • Princess Pea- She is the daughter of the prince and the princess from the story “the Princess and the Pea.”
  • Red- She is actually the title character from the childrens story “Little Red Riding Hood.”
  • Pig- His full name is the littlest pig, but he just goes by pig. He is the littlest pig in the story “The 3 little pigs.”

Here are some fun stickers and notepads that will make fun play things or party favors for the kids at your party.

Super Why! Sticker Sheets (4)

Super Why! Notepads (8)

Super Why! Empty Favor Boxes (4)

Super Why Costume Ideas for Halloween

Here are some cute Super Why costume ideas for Halloween. If your child is a fan of this TV series they will love dressing up as Alpha Pig or the Super Why Whyatt kids costume. These are the ideal outfits for your little Super Readers! Just click on any of the pictures to find more information about any of these fun kids costumes or party supplies.

Super Why! Dinner Plates (8)

Super Why! - Alpha Pig Child Costume

Super Why Child Costume - 4-6

Super Why Games For A Party

Super Why games are perfect for a kids Super Why party. If you are planning to host a Super Why birthday party you could play a variety of games:

  • Solve the Problem Read a story and then put words together so that the phrase you create solves the main problem of the story. This is what the super readers do in every episode of Super Why.
  • Mix Up the Letters Mix up the letters in a word and have the children arrange them to spell a word. For younger kids, provide a picture clue to help them realize the word.
  • Make Your Own Story Use pictures and pass them out to each child. Have the children arrange their pictures in the order the are called and have them ‘write’ the story in their own words.

Super Why! 24-Piece Puzzle Asst. (1)

Super Why! Fun Pocket

Super Why! Cake Toppers

Super Why Cakes

Super Why cakes are easy to make yourself using the cute cake topper kit you see in the picture up above this paragraph. You can also find some edible cake images that make cake decorating easy as can be. These images come in cupcake size too. Another fun cake or cupcake idea is to write letters or words on your cake or on each cupcake. Let the kids read their desserts.

Another fun birthday cake idea is to let the kids write their own words on each of the cupcakes or their piece of cake. It will be a thrill for them to design their own piece of birthday cake!

Here is another fun Super Why party game idea. It's a pull string pinata. The pull string pinatas are a fun game and they are safe for young kids to play. Just fill up the pinata with some goodies...maybe even some letters, and let the kids take a turn pulling the strings. Blind fold them and let each one take a turn...continue until the pinata bursts open and all the goodies and treats fall out.

Super Why! Personalized Birthday Banner Standard 18" x 61"

Super Why! 22" Pull-String Pinata

Super Why! Thank-You Notes (8)

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