Super Why Party Ideas and Party Supplies

Get some Super Why Party Ideas and Party Supplies. This Kids TV Show teaches kids about the letters of the alphabet and gives us some fun kids party ideas!

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Super Why Party Supplies

Super Why is a great children's show that teaches about the alphabet. This show is great for preschool aged kids and readiness skills such as phonics, spelling and of course, the alphabet. The show is named after Whyatt, who is a super hero named Super Why. There is usually a problem to solve each episode. Princess Pea calls down a book from the shelves to help lead the way because, as they say in the show, with a book you can solve anything. Super Letters are found throughout the show to help use solve the phrase of the day.

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Super Why Party Game Ideas

Here are some Fun Super Why Party Game Ideas for your kids birthday party.

Super Letters *Super Letters can be hidden underneath paper plates or cups with stickers or written in pen. Similar to hangman, write these letters on a poster board or use magnetic letters for the kids to use to try and figure it out. You can even hide the magnetic letters themselves and have the children find them in a treasure hunt as part of the game.

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Super Why Change The Story *Find a classic story, just as the show does, and find a section that can be changed. For example, have the Goldilocks story about how she eats all the porridge and have kids change it so that it says that she shares all the porridge. This could be good when it's time to eat a birthday cake or meal.

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Alphabet Hopscotch *Alphabet hopscotch as Pig on the show would do. At each junction give three choices of which is the correct letter to proceed. Use a small bean bag for the kids to toss it down on as they continue.

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These games are lots of fun for children of all ages. And soe is the Super Why Pull String Pinata in the pictures. Fill that pinata with lots of candies and goodies and let the kids play the pinata game! The pinata game is always a favorite party game for kids.

Super Why Characters

Meet the Super Why Characters

There are four main characters in the cast and the characters are:

  • Whyatt Whyatt is the 9 year old boy who leads the super-readers. His catch phrase is “Whyatt here!”
  • Princess Pea Princess Pea is a real princess. Her parent's are the prince and princess from the children's story "the Princess and the Pea.”
  • Red Red is another character from a famous childrens story. Her story is titled the “Little Red Riding Hood.” I know you have heard of that one!
  • Pig Pig's full name is The Littlest Pig. His friends call him pig. He is from another famous kids story and I know you are familiar with this's the story “The 3 little pigs.” Pig is the youngest of the three pigs.

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