Super Mario Party Supplies For A Super Mario Birthday Party

Do you need Super Mario Party Supplies? When you have kids that are wild about the Super Mario Brothers, why not throw them a themed birthday party. And this kids party theme should really put your mind at ease, because it is easy to find all the fun party decorations and Mario party supplies you will need. The Mario Bros. are so popular, you are going to find so much merchandise, it is going to be difficult to stay within your party budget!

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What a great theme this is! The Super Mario party supplies make your party decorating easy as can be. Bright colors are perfect for this party theme. Decorate the party area in the main colors of red and green i.e. Mario and Luigi. You can use balloons, streamers and curling ribbons to brighten up any area. Check out the giant vinyl wall decals too. These removable wall decals will turn your party room into Super Mario Land! They look great and you can remove them and decorate your kids bedroom or playroom with them when the party is over.

Tell all your party guests to wear red or green to match the Brothers. As soon as they arrive hand out some of your party favors...the moustache and then have some face paint ready to give them a cute color coded surprise. You can also choose a Mario theme temporary Tattoo for this.

Super Mario party supplies include invitations. If you want to buy your party invitations you are in luck. There are plenty of prepacked invitations you can use. But if you don't want to buy the real ones, you can make your own using white card and clipart you download from the internet.

When you use a kids party theme as popular as the Mario Brothers it will be easy to think of cool decorating ideas. You could decorate the birthday cake with a Mario and Luigi cake topper or you can buy an edible cake image to place on top of your birthday party cake or cupcakes. These edible images can have just about any picture of the Mario's you want. Just talk to the seller and see what they can put on them for you. It's easy to use a plastic or an edible cake topper to decorate a homemade cake. And a homemade birthday cake saves you lots of money.

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And Super Mario party supplies aren't just about party plates and cups. Look at the fun game ideas you can get to match this fun kids party theme.

Kids like to cook, but at a kids party it might be kind of crowded in the kitchen. You can, however, let your party guests decorate their own personal pizza pies. Cut up lots of veggies before hand and let each child decorate a small personal sized pizza. Cook it for the 10 or so minutes...according to the package directions, and serve hot. Everyone will think they just had the best time ever and they will think you are the hostess with the mostess! The Super Mario party supplies will come in handy at meal time. Serve up those mini pizzas on a Mario Bros. plate and hand everyone a theme napkin. Drinks go right in the Mario Bros. Tumblers that can also serve as another party favor or in the paper Mario Bros. cups. After the party food is gone it will be time to serve the birthday cake and open some present.

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Kids party games, all with a Mario theme, will bring your party to a fun end. You can choose so many games for the kids to play. Do you have a Mario Bros. poster? Play Pin the Moustache on a Mario. Or play Paint the Moustache on Mario and then give each of your young guests a Mario and Luigi moustache! These beloved little plumbers like to ride on have some Mario Kart Races. Outdoor relay races are always a fun party game for kids. You could also set up a Mario Obstacle Course using your imagination and some cardboard to cut out some obstacles to place in the kid's way as they race to the finish line. You could also have some wheelbarrow races provided you have enough adults to supervise the children. You don't want any nasty accident ruining your day. Or how about a three legged race? Remember how much fun relay games are...the kids are sure to have a blast playing these classic favorites.

When trying to get the kids to calm down before it is time to leave you could play a round or two of Mario Bingo. You can even make your own bingo cards with Mario Bros stickers. Another classic party game you can give a Mario twist to is Simon says. Charades and Chinese Whispers are more fun game ideas for your Super Mario birthday party ideas.

Wrap up the party by handing out some carefully picked novelty items from the Super Mario party supplies range and everyone should go home very happy. Treat bags, goodie bags, party favors, whatever you call them are always a great idea. A party favor is a nice way to say Thanks for coming to my party. There is literally no end of Super Mario party ideas for you to come up with to make your little one's party extra special.

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Lots of fun games and party activities, tasty party food, a beautiful birthday cake or cupcakes and some Super Mario party supplies and you are on your way to a Super fun kids birthday party!

Check out Super Mario Bros Party for all your party supplies and party ideas! You can also find more Super Mario related party games, fun party activities, party food ideas and a recipe for 7 UP burgers. Find more kids party themes at Birthday Party Ideas for Kids. Ms. Party Ideas can answer all your party questions and enjoys swapping party ideas with you.

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