Super Mario Bros Wall Decals

Super Mario Bros Wall Decals are the ideal party decoration for a kids birthday party. These giant wall decals take your party room from okay to WOW! Look at Mario go in that picture...imagine these fabulous decals on your kids' wall!

The decals make your party room look wonderful, and then you get to remove them and stick them on your child's bedroom or playroom walls. They really add a lot to any room they are in. These are perfect for any Super Mario Bros. fan. The decals themselves are easy to use, they simply peel and stick. Remove them whenever you want with no problem what so ever.

Each of these decal sheets, which are made of vinyl, is approximately 54" wide x 44" high. They are meant to be used on flat surfaces and they come with a 3" yellow squeegee so you can smooth them onto the wall. You also get how to use them, and how to take care of them, instructions. These wall decals are really great!

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