Super Mario Bros Cake Pictures - Fondant Icing Topping

Super Mario Bros Cake Pictures are fun to look at and get some cake decorating ideas from. I love to look at cake pictures...these pictures are from a bakery in central New Jersey. If you work with fondant you can figure out how to make a cake like this. If you don't know how to make fondant you might be able to find a bakery, like this one, and order a beautiful Mario Bros cake. You can also decorate cupcakes using fondant or red and white icing...just make them look like mushrooms.

This Super Mario Bros Cake is made with fondant icing.  It was made by the Blue Sheep Bake Shop in New Jersey.

The Mario Bros party theme is very popular with boys and girls. You can find lots of party games, supplies and cake ideas when you use Mario and Luigi Mario as your kids birthday theme. Find some ideas on our Super Mario Bros Party Ideas Page.

Or take a look at the party supplies you can find right here. There are also lots of different party favor a pre-selected box of goodies or choose your favors individually. The kids love to get a bag or box of party favors. Plan a fun Mario Bros craft...paint the brothers on a rock or print out some free Mario Bros coloring sheets to entertain the kids.

Super Mario Bros. Ultimate Party Pack for 8

Super Mario Bros. Party Pack Add-On

Super Mario Bros. Sticker Sheets (4)

WOW...that Ultimate Party Pack has everything but your birthday cake and party food. It's full of lots of goodies. You may not need all that check the other party packs...but then again, the ultimate might be just the package for you. Here are a few more fun ideas to look at.

Super Mario Bros. Centerpiece

Super Mario Bros. Removable Wall Decorations

Super Mario Bros. Party Favor Box

If your child is a Mario and Luigi Mario fan this is the party idea and the birthday cake for you. I hope you enjoyed looking at our Super Mario Bros Cake. Like cake pictures? Take a look at our Spiderman Cake picture.

Need a custom cake? Are You in New Jersey? Check out the Blue Sheep Bake Shop in Metuchen, NJ.

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