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Super Mario Bros Birthday Party Ideas are so popular right now. What is it with the Super Mario Bros? My kids are just crazy about them, so crazy in fact, that they want to have a Super Mario Bros Birthday Party. Of course, being the wonderful Mom I am, I said Yes!

Now I am on a hunt to find the party supplies I need. I want a party pack that has just about everything I need in it already. I think they call it the Ultimate...well, that's the one I want. This party is going to be the Ultimate in my house this year, so I may as well make it good.
And here it is...I found the Ultimate in Super Mario Bros party supplies plus some really fun board game versions that star the Mario Bros!

Super Mario Bros. Ultimate Party Pack for 8

Super Mario Collectors Edition Chess Game

Super Mario Yahtzee

I Play the Super Mario Bros Video Game

Here are some really nice Mario Kart Wii party supplies that are perfect for the Wii player in your house!

Mario Kart Giant Wall Decals

Mario Kart Wii 18" Foil Balloon

Mario Kart Wii Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

I hate to admit it, but even I play the Mario Bros video games when everyone else is at school or work. Don't tell them, though. I don't want anyone else to know. I play on an old Nintendo game console I have. It is hooked up to the TV in my bedroom. I only have a couple games for it, but they are the only games I want. I have Jaws...remember that one? I have Super Mario Bros. and I have Centipede. I also have the roller ball attachment to use when I play Centipede. So, there you have it, the secret confessions of a video game addicted mother...who also happens to be planning a Super Mario Bros birthday party for her kids birthday.

Back to Super Mario Bros Birthday Party Planning

Back to party planning. I have my party guest list already and know that there will be about 14 kids at this party. I just counted the supplies in my Ultimate party pack and realized I will have to order two of them. It's okay though. I still want to do all my party supply shopping in one quick swoop and that is why I am just going to order two of the Ultimate Super Mario Bros. party packages. I might have some duplicate items, but if there are some unopened left overs I can re-sell them on Ebay. Someone will scoop them up if I under price them. This way someone gets a bargain and I get a little bit of my money back instead of letting the extra items just sit here until I throw them out.

Super Mario Bros Birthday Party Game Ideas

I will need some games to make my Super Mario Bros birthday party the most fun ever...so I figured I would fill up some 16 oz soda bottles with sand and paint them in bright colors. Add a big ball for the kids to roll and I just made a Super Mario Bros Bowling set. The kids will love this and I can make two or three of them the way we go through those 16 ounce sodas. I always have lots of empties in my recycling bin. Bowling is a great outdoor party game for the kids. I can even make it an outdoor relay game. That makes it a little bit more exciting.

We can have the kids form two teams, The Marios and The Luigis. Each team has to line up at the start line and one player at a time has to run across the yard to the bowling set. Roll the bowling ball at the colored pins. My husband will have to be at the bowling pin area with my sister. It will be their job to count the pins knocked down by each team and reset the pins for the next player. The team that knocks down the most pins will be the winner!

I think I will make everyone at the party should have a Mario mustache. I can paint them on as the kids arrive. I think that will make for some hilarious party pictures! There are some really gentle face paints you can buy that are safe for kids and I think the kids will get a real kick out of this face painting idea. I might even give myself one.

I think I am having more fun planning this Super Mario Bros birthday party than the kids are going to have at it...and they are going to have a blast.

Super Mario Bros Birthday Party Supplies

Back to my Super Mario Bros Birthday Party supplies. I will get plates, cups, forks, spoons, napkins, a tablecloth, latex and mylar balloons, ribbons, streamers, dessert plates, thank you notes, confetti and candles plus some activity placemats. And that is only the beginning.

I will also get party favor boxes that are decorated with Super Mario Bros. designs and the favors to put in them. The favors are Super Mario Bros. notepad, sticker sheets, temporary tattoos, crayons, noise putty and a glow star. My Ultimate party box also has a pinata with the fillers to put in it, some Super Mario sports bottles, sour candy in mushroom shaped candy tins. I would say that is everything I will need. In fact, I may have an extra pinata and some filler for Ebay.

Now for a few more game ideas. How about an outdoor three legged race. Let's see if the Marios or the Luigis win this relay race. I like relay races and I think the kids do too. There are also games like Mario Says or Pin the Mustache on the Mario Bros. or even a Mario version of Charades you can arrange for the kids.

I am going to save the favor boxes for the end of the party and let the kids go home with them. This way everyone will be in a good mood and they won't be able to wait til they get home to check out the party favors. Of course, I am going to send home the Mario Bros. sports cups with each child too. Now I better start my party shopping so I can get this party plan moving.

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