Strawberry Shortcake Party Supplies

Strawberry Shortcake party supplies for your next kids birthday party. Your little girl is going to flip when she finds out that her party theme is going to be Strawberry Shortcake and Friends. These cute kids TV characters have been popular for years...and they are fun.

Pick out some fun Strawberry Shortcake games and party favors like these hats and the pull string pinata. All kids love the pinata game and a pull string model makes it very safe and easy for you Mom. Fill the pinata with some candies or goodies and let each child pull a string until one of them breaks the pinata open and lets all the goodies come spilling out.

The butterfly tin box carry all are perfect for a party favor idea. This box comes in three different patterns. The Candy bracelets are also a great party favor idea. I know I would like one of those! Make sure to take a look at the stickers, the Best Coloring book where you can get Strawberry Shortcake coloring sheets, Party Rubber Bracelets or Strawberry Shortcake Compact Mirrors. Just click on any picture on this page to find an online party supplies catalog where you can find all the party decorations, favor ideas and party supplies you need for a fun kids birthday party.

An Easy Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

I know an easy Strawberry Shortcake recipe you can use at this little girls birthday party. All you need are strawberries, mini shortcakes and some whipped cream. I get the mini shortcakes right near the produce aisle of my supermarket...near the strawberries. The whipped cream you can make by mixing heavy cream with some powdered sugar...just a tablespoon or so to thicken the whipped cream. Then beat until it forms a thick cream. Put into the refrigerator until you are ready to use.

Wash and slice up the strawberries. Put 3/4 of them into a bowl with a little bit of water. Mix them for 30 seconds with your mixer. Keep the 1/4 sliced separate from these.

When you are ready for dessert put a shortcake on a plate, spoon some mixed strawberries onto each one, add some whipped cream and top with a couple strawberry slices. Quick and easy strawberry shortcake for your party. And this Strawberry Dessert recipe will go perfectly with your Strawberry Shortcake party supplies.

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